NordicTrack Featuring iFit Personal Trainer: Tanya Poppett

So, you decided to embark on your fitness journey, and you’re not sure where to start. Luckily, NordicTrack brings you iFit®. iFit® was designed with you in mind; giving you workouts created by the best personal trainers, nutritional guidance, and unlimited access to places all over the world! iFit® happens to have a secret weapon, taking the fitness industry by storm, and her name is Tanya Poppett.

Tanya is an Australian native that brings a whole new style to iFit®. With her innovative workouts, you’ll be stimulated physically as well as mentally. Get to know her below:

Question:  What is your favorite way to stay motivated to workout?
A: I like to set myself ‘performance based’ goals. For example, improve my running speed, working on my upper body strength, or increasing my explosive power. Sometimes my goals are more specific like achieving 10 pull-ups, breaking the 4 min/km pace during a 5 km. I find these types of goals to be more empowering rather than focusing on the aesthetic side to training. These goals make me jump out of bed every morning to see if I can improve on my last session.”

Question:  What is your favorite way to get ‘summer body’ ready?
A: When we move, we feel confident; not just from the physical effects of exercise, but from the positive effects. It can be emotional as well. I have a fair bit of variety in my training year round, but I find that I like to run more in the months leading up to summer. It’s a nice way to make the most out of the warmer weather.”

iFit Trainer Tanya Poppett

Get ‘summer body’ ready with Tanya Poppett

Question:  What does your personal workout schedule look like?
A: I try to mix up my routine fairly often. At the moment, I run 2-3 times a week, mixed in with some strength training in the gym 3 times a week and some HIIT workouts at home, 3 times a week. I will combine a run with either a strength or HIIT session as well.

I also make sure I have 1-2 rest days each week to let my muscles repair and my body recover.”

Question: Where is your favorite place to take route in Australia?
A: I love running in the Royal National Park just 40 minutes south of Sydney. It has really beautiful and diverse terrain; one minute you’re running through thick ferns then you’re running along a sandstone cliff. You could literally run in there for hours.”

Question: What is your favorite healthy Australian dish?
A: Well, Australia doesn’t really have its own cuisine per say. We just steal bits and pieces of everybody else’s! One of my favorite things to make, though, is a pearl cous cous super greens salad with shredded spinach, kale, beetroot, raisins, lentils, and a sweet mustard dressing.”

Question: What are your favorite types of workouts?

iFit trainer Tanya Poppett

HIIT workouts with Tanya Poppett

A: I’m a big fan of HIIT workouts just because they are so efficient, effective, and time friendly. As a trainer, I find they are also perfect for all levels, and no one gets left behind because we’re all working with the clock.”

Question: After a long week of training hard, what is your favorite way to recover?
A: A date with my foam roller and Netflix, or a day of swimming at the beach in the summer.”

Question: What is your favorite type of training environment?
A: I love the outdoors! Finding a quiet spot with a beautiful view is my ultimate training paradise.”

Question: What do you think is the key to stay lean, toned, and strong?
A: Balance! Find a routine that you enjoy and can maintain whilst keeping up with the other important aspects of your lifestyle. If that means only having 30 minutes, 4 times a week to train, then so be it. Just make every minute count.”

Question: Growing up, what was your favorite physical activity to do?
A: I grew up doing athletics, and developed a passion for the endurance events. All through high school, I kept up my running, and got into the representative Cross Country teams. I don’t run near as much as I used to, but it is still one of my favorite ways to move!”

Learn more about getting started with iFit® Coach here! And if you’d like to workout with Tanya Poppett, sign up with your iFit® Coach Membership here!

NordicTrack Trainer Stacie Clark

NordicTrack Trainer Stacie Clark

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