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Knowing The Difference Between Treadmill Motors

Posted on 2017-07-20

When looking at treadmill specs, it can be confusing when it comes to the motor. Words like “peak” and “duty” are thrown around, along with the acronyms CHP and HP. Let’s dispel the confusion so you can know a quality treadmill when you see one. Difference Between “Peak” and “Duty” Treadmills First thing to clarify is that neither of these terms indicate the actual strength of a treadmill motor. Instead, they break down to mean this: (read more)

Top 5 Starchy Veggies You Should Be Munching 90 Minutes Before A Long Workout

Posted on 2017-07-17

Many top-notch runners get their carbs from various places besides just plain old wheat pasta. Good, quality, clean carbs are found naturally in fruits and veggies, especially starchy vegetables. Work these five vegetables into your diet, and then start munching on them 90 minutes before your workout: Sweet Potatoes Sweet potatoes not only fulfill carbohydrate needs, but also satisfy the ever-present sweet tooth. One sweet potato alone is fairly large, and contains about 100 calories. (read more)

Using A Treadmill On Stormy Days That Mimics Your Outdoor Route

Posted on 2017-07-13

Treadmills are your perfect friend on a stormy day. But sometimes they just don’t offer the same excitement as the great outdoors - well, now they do! With iFit® integration, you can run anywhere on earth. Harness The Power Of iFit iFit® is an all-in-one fitness app. It links with Google Maps to provide the Google Street View. That means the wanderlust jogger can carve out a trail anywhere in the world using iFit®. (read more)

Incline Treadmill Training For Increased Speed

Posted on 2017-07-10

There comes a point in all runners’ lives where they just can’t get any faster. It can be frustrating to gear up for a race that you feel ready for only to get the same results as your last race. So, if you’ve been looking to increase your speed, but just can’t manage it, we’ve got a suggestion for you. Incline Treadmill Training Will Increase Your Speed Unless you live near the Rocky or Appalachian mountain ranges, it’s likely you’re missing out on natural incline variations during your run. (read more)

A Case For Dynamic Stretching Over Static Stretching During Your Warm-up

Posted on 2017-07-06

Think back to your school gym class. What did your gym teacher have you do every day before beginning an activity? Bend and touch your toes, push your arms behind your back, sit down and touch your toes again, maybe do a couple butterfly presses. In other words, stretch. Now you probably do some similar routine. After all, it is what you were taught to do, and the last thing you want is an injury. (read more)

Nutrition: Understanding 'Organic'

Posted on 2017-07-03

We took a good look at the organic food industry - the societal push for organic farming, marketing techniques for labeling organic foods, and the misconception that organic equals healthy. We aren’t going to tell you who is right, who is wrong, and exactly what you should be eating. That’s a decision you get to make all on your own after doing plenty of research, but we hope that with this information, you can take steps towards a better, healthier, happier you! (read more)