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Train Body & Mind With NordicTrack From iFIT | NordicTrack Blog

Have you ever given yourself the freedom to be what you want? If so, what does that look like to you? In a world that has so many expectations, conformities, and challenges in place, to be what you truly want may not seem so attainable at certain moments. However, having the right tools and a healthy mindset can catapult you towards achieving it all.

Body And Mind Health Benefits

The relationship between body and mind is close. As the world is becoming increasingly familiar with the health benefits of exercise, research is now focusing more on how training our bodies can, in turn, help our minds.

Research has shown that exercise can improve a person’s mental health by reducing depression and anxiety while improving one’s cognitive function and self-esteem. Further research is being conducted to fully understand the relationship between our body and mind; however, exercise is already being recommended by physicians to help in the residential treatment of certain mental conditions, such as schizophrenia. 

While more information is coming to the surface on the matter, exercise is already making its way to offset mental difficulty.

Train Body And Mind Just Like The Pros On iFIT®

NordicTrack from iFIT understands the importance of this relationship between the body and mind, and is dedicated to helping people achieve their best, their peak, or their goal with consistent effort, dedication, and determination.

To help you get there, NordicTrack and iFIT is giving exclusive access to members for an opportunity of a lifetime of working out on the same machines and doing the same workouts as elite athletes, and see what it truly takes to train body and mind just like the pros.

Meet The Elite Athletes With NordicTrack From iFIT

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps – NordicTrack Blog

23x Olympic Gold Medalist

39x World Record Holder (Optional)

iFIT Trainer

Alex Morgan


Alex Morgan – NordicTrack Blog

Olympic Gold Medalist

Women’s World Cup Champion

iFIT Trainer

Hunter Woodhall

Paralympian, Track & Field

Hunter Woodhall – NordicTrack Blog

Paralympic Silver and Bronze Medalist 

World Championships Silver Medalist

Tara Davis

Long Jump

Tara Davis – NordicTrack Blog

NCAA Outdoor Champion

NCAA Women’s Long Jump Record Holder

Jordyn Barratt


Jordyn Barratt – NordicTrack Blog

X Games® Silver Medalist

First Female Junior Pro Skateboarder at the VANS U.S. Open

Kanoa Igarashi


Kanoa Igarashi – NordicTrack Blog

North American Pro Junior Champion

Quiksilver King of the Groms Winner

Caeleb Dressel


Caeleb Dressel – NordicTrack Blog

2x Olympic Gold Medalist 

100 Meter Butterfly World Record Holder

Melissa Stockwell

Paralympian, Triathlete

Melissa Stockwell - NordicTrack Blog

3x ITU Paratriathlon World Champion 

Paralympic Bronze Medalist

Ashleigh Johnson

Water Polo

Ashleigh Johnson - NordicTrack Blog

Olympic Gold Medalist 

World Championships Gold Medalist

Sakura Kokumai


Sakura Kokumai - NordicTrack Blog

Pan American Games Gold Medalist 

7x National Champion

The Importance Of Body And Mind 

Even while being a professional athlete––having won the biggest prizes, the biggest games, or the biggest races, and given the title of being the best in the world in their sport––a large part in their training has to do with their mental strength as well. While we only see their physical efforts being put into action during competition, it takes a strong mind to work up to the final stage. We often forget that these athletes are training day in and day out for years prior to their competition, which takes a lot of sweat, tears, and overall strength to push forward even on the hardest of days.

While we may not all have the goal of being the best in the world at a sport, we still have to make a conscious effort to push through daily tasks and make time for things that’ll help us to improve and be better, not just for us but for our loved ones as well. And there’s no better way than to learn how to work on ourselves and push through with all of our body and mind than from the best and on the best.

Train Like An Elite Athlete On NordicTrack Equipment 

Commercial S22i Studio Cycle

Train Body And Mind – NordicTrack Blog

The Vault

Body And Mind – NordicTrack Blog

Commercial 2950 Treadmill

Train With Elite Athletes – NordicTrack Blog

Commercial X32i Incline Treadmill

NordicTrack Treadmill – NordicTrack Blog

RW900 Rower 

NordicTrack Rower – NordicTrack Blog

iFIT App

iFIT Membership – NordicTrack Blog

iFIT Workouts Fit For Elite Athletes And You

Be part of the action, and see what it takes to train like a pro. Check out Alex Morgan’s Train Like A Pro workouts on iFIT. Alex will take you through different workout series that focus on strength and cardio.

Alex Morgan Train Like A Pro Strength Series – NordicTrack Blog

Train Like A Pro: Alex Morgan Strength Series

In this 6-part workout series, Alex will lead you through a range of strength workouts designed to increase your lower-body and core strength, total-body muscle endurance, power, balance, and more. These workout sessions have been designed to emulate a pro-level program while still being flexible enough for you to complete at your own pace and comfort level. 

Alex Morgan Train Like A Pro Cardio Series – NordicTrack Blog

Train Like A Pro: Alex Morgan Cardio Series

Alex will coach you in this 6-part workout series through a range of cardio based workouts from ladders to speed play, a progressive run, an endurance run, plus more. Again, these sessions emulate a pro-level program, but it continues to be flexible enough for you to switch settings and complete at your own pace and level.  

Don’t forget to check back here on the NordicTrack Blog for our new iFIT trainer, Michael Phelps, and his new workout series Train Like A Pro: Gold Series. Coming soon!


Having the courage to push through those physical and mental barriers that lie in front of you will make your goals feel that much more satisfying once achieved. And with each day that passes is another day of opportunity to improve your body and mind simultaneously. So, do your best with the best…this is NordicTrack from iFIT.

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