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Buddy Workout With iFit Trainer Hannah Eden and Paulo Barreto

Valentine’s Day Buddy Workout With iFit Trainer Hannah Eden and Paulo Barreto | NordicTrack Blog

Let’s keep those New Year Resolutions going strong with a buddy workout with no one better than iFit® trainer Hannah Eden and her partner, Paulo Barreto. We think we can all agree that they are “couple goals” and are completely motivating to stay true to our fitness and health goals. 

Having strong social support – as we can see from Hannah and Paulo – has been proven to show achievement and portray high levels of aerobic activity in men and women. In a study of highly stressed medical students, it was found that working out with others lead to a significant decrease in perceived stress, an increase in physical, mental, and emotional well-being, as well as an overall enhancement in the quality of life.  

Now that we can see that working out with someone else can be very beneficial to you physically and mentally, let’s get to working out. 

Buddy Workout

1. Partner Hooked Sit-Ups

Valentine's Day Workout – NordicTrack Blog

Hook your legs inside or outside of your partner to secure your connection. Both partners must sit back and touch their hands on the floor behind them, generating momentum with their arms to sit up and touch hands at the top. Split reps and switch legs from inside to out.

2. High-Low I Go, You Go Partner Push-Ups

iFit Buddy Workout – NordicTrack Blog

Place a kettlebell in between you and your partner. Set up in a high-plank position. One partner will complete a regular push-up while the other partner has one hand on the ground and one hand on the kettlebell. Synchronize your reps and switch every rep.

3. Partner Vertical Needle Thread

Valentine's Day Buddy Workout – NordicTrack Blog

Both partners will do a push-up plank position with feet against the wall. Then walk your hands back towards the wall as your feet step up the wall. Once both partners are actively in a wall-facing handstand, one partner will walk slightly away from the wall, creating space for their partner to bend their knees and walk under them.

4. Partner Iso-Go Ladder Climb

Valentine's Day Dumbbell Workout – NordicTrack Blog

While one partner completes a bicep curl, the other partner will hold a 90-degree position. Starting with one rep, each partner will add one more rep every round, climbing the ladder as high as possible.

5. Partner Plank Up-Down Push-Up To Sprawl Lateral Hop

Valentine's Day Hannah Eden Workout – NordicTrack Blog

One partner will alternate between a push-up and a plank up-down. For the plank up-down, you’ll switch from a high plank to a forearm plank, maintaining a tight core and creating tension throughout your entire body. 

Meanwhile, the other partner will stand to the side, placing their hands on the floor and jumping their feet out behind them into a high-plank position, then returning to their feet. That partner will then jump over the other person, continuing to go back and forth.

See how Hannah and Paulo perform each exercise here.

Are you up for this challenge? Try this workout with Hannah Eden and Paulo Barreto, and let us know how you did in the comment section. 

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