Explore World Traditions From Home For The Holidays

Explore World Traditions From Home For The Holidays | NordicTrack Blog

As the world gears up for the upcoming holiday season, it’s fascinating to see how other people from all over celebrate their own holiday traditions and how it differentiates from our own. In light of our current restrictions on travel around the world and CDC recommendations, which are preventing us from experiencing them firsthand, the next best thing is NordicTrack powered by iFit®. 

Travel to foreign cities, countryside, and tropical destinations all over the world from your home for the holidays. By utilizing NordicTrack and iFit, you’re investing in your physical health while broadening your horizons with knowledge of the world safely from home.  

We’re taking a look at 4 different countries and what their holiday traditions are. So get ready to virtually venture out of your home this holiday season to far away places, and get a closer look into destinations that are now within your reach.

ICELAND: Visits From Trolls

The holiday tradition in Iceland involves 13 troll-like characters with different names and personalities that leave gifts in children’s shoes for 13 days leading up to Christmas. Gifts range from sweets and toys for the “good” children, whereas the “naughty” children receive rotten potatoes that were previously boiled in a cauldron or worse.

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ARGENTINA: Three Kings Day

Like Iceland’s holiday tradition of children having their shoes filled with gifts, it is the holiday tradition in Argentina to leave children’s shoes outside along with leaving hay and water for the Magi’s horses. In addition, paper balloons called globos will be let off into the sky in celebration of the Christmas holiday. 

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BALKANS: Finding The Lucky Coin

The Balkans, and the country of Serbia in particular, there are many different traditions that have been  passed down from generation to generation, and one includes the lucky coin hunt. Each family will have one loaf of bread that was baked with a lucky coin inside. The bread is divided between each member of the family, and whoever ends up with the lucky coin in their piece of bread is granted good luck for the upcoming year. 

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SCOTLAND: Hogmanay

Hogmanay in Scotland is a huge New Year’s celebration with massive parties lasting until January 2nd. Having derived from winter solstice celebrations and Samhain, an ancient Gaelic holiday similar to Halloween, Hogmanay is started with a massive torchlight procession on December 30th followed by fireworks and bagpipers.  

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Though this holiday season is looking a little different in terms of celebrating, you can continue to embrace the holidays with travels, as well as staying fit, with NordicTrack and iFit at home. With so many different workout options and countries on iFit, you may even forget you’re at home. Enjoy, and happy travels!

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