Monthly Member Features With NordicTrack For January

Monthly Member Feature With NordicTrack – January | NordicTrack Blog

It’s a new year – meaning new goals and new opportunities to conquer all of your health and fitness goals! So, how are you going to make this year THE year to take total control of your health? Not exactly sure how to start? No problem! We’re here to give you the right tools and help you establish a strong foundation with quality equipment, then guide you in how to execute them in a healthy and successful way with iFit® workouts and nutritional guidance. Doesn’t hurt to have all the extra iFit perks that comes along with your iFit membership like travel and delicious meals so readily available to you anytime.

We have seen so much progress from our members already who have taken advantage of their NordicTrack machine and iFit workouts, and we’re only one month into the New Year! Having seen all different kinds of New Year goals like working on strength and endurance, improving mental wellness, enhancing oneself for an important event like a wedding, building confidence, or simply organizing time to get a workout in for the day. Whatever your goal may be, NordicTrack and iFit makes it easy for you to find the time to workout and actually enjoy it. 

Let’s take a look at our featured members for January. We are completely inspired to conquer our goals after reading their stories, and we think you will too.

Meet Danielle!

Instagram®: “Do you ever incorporate hill running at an incline on the treadmill? Do you like running at any kind of incline?

Well, let me first start by saying BURN BABY BURN! I finally opted in to doing a studio workout with @ifit trainer @ashkickn FAST & FIT SERIES, and I must say it was totally worth it! I am still feeling it just by looking at this photo. Forget the miles, I am all for building the strength I ignored for so many years as a runner. I am taking full responsibility and want to be a voice for others!

40% incline benefits?

Suggestion: DO NOT hold on or you will deprive yourself from the benefits. When you’re running at an incline, forget about speed. This is why I am loving these types of workouts:

• Really works the lower back

• Fires up your heart rate at a slow speed without generating impact

• Strengthens the ankles

• Stretches the Achilles’ tendon and calves (this is HUGE for me)

• Prepares you for hills while also generating more speed on flat surfaces

• Works the glutes the higher the incline • Slow speed, high incline, low mileage = 90% intensity level

The best part about this workout? With a duration of about 34 minutes that accumulated close to 2 miles, I honestly felt like I had just completed an uncomfortable long run. My body was that worked in a very good way!

The intensity is insane, and it was so great to get up to that 40% incline through intervals. As the workout progressed, so did the varying speeds. I went from 6.5mph max with a low incline to working my way up to a 40% incline (pictured) that was close to 3.5mph. Just WOW! Definitely worked my booty off with that one!”

– @daniellehartruns 

Meet Rachel!

Instagram®: “Fortunately, when I do get a little time to break a sweat I don’t have to leave my house. Thanks to my @NordicTrack Fusion CST I am able to get in a quick workout while Oliver naps or plays. I love having so many options in the @ifit library to choose from, so I can target certain muscle groups (like abs) with one trainer or get a full-body sesh in with another. The Fusion CST has given me to ability to still make it happen even when I can’t leave the house.”⁠

– @rachelnicolefit

Meet Jenna!

Facebook®: “Consistent exercise is among one of my top goals for this year (especially as we countdown for the wedding). I’m not at a place where I need to “lose weight”, but my goal is to continue to build muscle and strength, overall better health, and mental wellness. With that comes sacrifices. I’ve been digging deep lately and making a ton of sacrifices. Giving up sleep (the hardest for me), some food that I love, potentially wine (later down the road), and sometimes it means giving up spending time with friends so I can hit the gym. For me, it’s worth it. It’s time to do this for me.”

– @jennapardini

Meet Jennika!

Facebook®: “I went into 2019 with a lot of goals. One was to get my body back post-babies! Another goal was to run a half marathon. My @NordicTrack and intermediate workouts with the @iFit videos and coaches built my confidence and ability up day-by-day. It was so convenient having all of this right in my home!”

– @jennikarae⁠

Let’s get after this new year and conquer our goals! It’ll not only benefit us physically and mentally, it will also benefit those around us as well. Because how can we take care of others without taking care of ourselves? 

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