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Travel The World With iFit

Travel The World With iFit

People have been traveling the world long before steam engines and airplanes came along. Travel and exploration are a part of our very nature – bringing challenge, knowledge, and growth that are vital to our success as human beings. Travel allows us to learn and incorporate new ideas, as well as enables communities to connect and grow, making way for innovation and inspiration.

But travel isn’t easy — nothing so worthwhile ever is! To earn the many rewards that travel has to offer, it takes planning, time, sacrifice, and money. That’s why so few are able to really travel and see so many parts of the world. But lucky for us, NordicTrack brings us iFit®.

How iFit Combines Traveling With Your Daily Workout

iFit brings remote locations of the world into your home through your NordicTrack machine. Whether you’re running, walking, striding, cycling, or rowing, you can access all that iFit has to offer while traveling areas of the world you may never physically experience in your lifetime.

Travel with iFit – NordicTrack

Traveling the world with iFit brings a whole new level of engagement to your workout. As you climb ancient ruins in Central America from your home treadmill, you’ll be thinking “Wow!” instead of “Ow.” Your focus shifts from what your body is feeling to what your eyes are seeing.

iFit personal trainers coach you through the entire workout. They engage with the people around them while sharing what they know about the landscape, culture, and history of their location. iFit workouts are educational and entertaining, all while putting you through a legitimate workout.

iFit challenges users by matching their workout to the actual terrain being experienced by their personal trainer. As your coach climbs mountains and takes on new incline challenges, your treadmill, elliptical, or bike will mimic the same changes in incline. As your trainer faces resistance, your equipment will automatically adjust so that you face the same resistance levels as if you were there in person.

iFit For The Family

When you have NordicTrack equipment in your home, those in your family can access iFit. (Children under 13 should not be on, around, or use ICON fitness equipment for safety reasons. See user’s manual). Your family can experience iFit travel while building their strength and improving their health one workout/destination at a time.

The iFit library has an expansive collection of workouts that target different muscle groups and focus on different training techniques. No matter your fitness goals, you can curate a routine in iFit that’s tailored to your unique needs.

Not only are the travels incredible, the iFit community is just as amazing and motivating – made up of health and adventure-seeking members just like you. Message boards give insights into popular videos and experiences, recommendations, and more. Join group challenges or create your own. Share your success on social channels and feel the support from iFit members all around you.

Grow With iFit

Not only does iFit offer a massive library of workouts that you can pick and choose from each day, they’ve included training series that are scheduled out for you and aim to build on specific strengths and training techniques.

Travel with Kirsty Godso – NordicTrack

Join iFit trainer, Kirsty Godso, in this 4-week challenge of cross-training in Kauai, Hawaii. This total-body workout will incorporate incline, intervals, and endurance training on your treadmill, then take you off your equipment for strength training workouts to ensure you never get bored and continuously stay challenged. There are a total of 12 workouts in this cross-training series, ranging from beginner to intermediate and progressing from 20 to 35 minutes.

Get to know the cast of personal trainers, explore the world from home, and achieve goals you thought were unobtainable until now.

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