Monthly Member Features With NordicTrack For December

Monthly Member Feature With NordicTrack – December | NordicTrack Blog

December – a month that can be so very challenging and tempting with festive gatherings and tempting food spreads. Thanks to NordicTrack, these members have been able to stay strong and dedicated to their workouts. With the convenience of having their NordicTrack machine and iFit® workout library so readily available, they can start off strong and energetic each and every day.

This month we have a particularly surprising member feature that you may be excited to see! Stay tuned till our last member feature for December. 

Meet Jessica!

Member Feature @jessicaduckwife – NordicTrack Blog

Instagram®: “To feel your best, studies show exercise increases overall health. This busy mom of 5 stopped making excuses…. and @NordicTrack helped me do it! All right in the comfort of my own home!!! Working out has never been so convenient. #gethealthy I want to hear from y’all… what’s your favorite workout? Do you mix it up?” 

– @jessicaduckwife

Meet Claire!

Member Feature @clairepthomas – NordicTrack Blog

Instagram®: Rain or Shine. Night or Day. ⁠With @NordicTrack and an endless library of workout with @ifit trainers, you have everything you need to ‘sleigh’ all of your workouts this holiday season. @clairepthomas knows what we are talking about.

Meet Keegan!

Member Feature @keeganmichellel – NordicTrack Blog

Facebook®: When you have a treadmill as cool as the Commercial 2950, why wouldn’t you show it off? @keeganmichellel loves the space saving feature on her #NordicTrack! Save space, time, AND money by working out in your home with @nordictrack and @ifit this year!

Featuring Chris Pratt!

Member Feature Chris Pratt With Amazon – NordicTrack Blog

Facebook®: “You’re probably wondering why I’m standing here, low key flexing, gazing into the distance… well, turns out I’m teaming up with @amazon to show you guys everything I use for my workouts, keeping active, and all that fun stuff to get you prepped for 2020.”

#FoundItOnAmazon #Amazon #Ad

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