5 Benefits Of Exercise That Often Get Overlooked

5 Benefits Of Exercise That Often Get Overlooked

For many people looking for the best workout equipment, the main benefit they are looking to receive while exercising is assistance with body image. However, while exercise can help you lose weight faster, there are other fantastic benefits of working out which are often overlooked but are highly beneficial. 

1. Chronic Pain Can Be Reduced With Exercise

Exercise is often associated with a certain amount of discomfort and even pain, but by exercising regularly, chronic pain can be reduced.

In a kind of catch-22, chronic pain can make it difficult to exercise. However, inactivity often makes chronic pain worse, making it even harder to want to start up a regular workout routine. 

But if someone who is struggling with chronic pain pushes through to exercise, their regular workouts can help control their pain and increase their pain tolerance levels.

If you find yourself relating to this, iFit® has many workouts available at all different exercise levels to accommodate your preferred intensity, so you can manage to get a great workout without too much discomfort.

2. Aerobic Workouts Can Improve Skin Health

Our skin undergoes oxidative stress as we breathe and go about our day, and our bodies’ natural antioxidants can’t always keep up with the damage of the free radicals which are in oxygen, leading to more oxidative stress. But, with moderate aerobic workouts, we can support our skin health. 

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Intense aerobic workouts can lead to more oxidative stress, but if you stick to moderate workouts, you can increase your body’s natural production of antioxidants. This process will help keep your skin healthier. Also, aerobic workouts specifically increase blood flow, which can help with skin cell adaptation and help your skin stay younger looking. 

3. Bone Density Is Supported With Exercise

While almost everyone understands that exercise builds muscle, the benefits exercise has for your bones is often overlooked. 

By doing high-impact activities, such as running, basketball, or weightlifting, you can develop greater bone density with the impact. Overuse injuries can lead to stress fractures, which is why it is essential to cross-train and build up your body. However, if you want to stave off osteoporosis later in your life, consider adding some impact exercises to your routine. iFit has an incredible workout library so you have plenty of impact exercises to choose from.

4. Memory And Brain Health Is Supported By Cardio

Many people laud memory puzzles as one of the best ways to support your memory and brain health, but cardio workouts also help! Cardiovascular workouts support your heart health. These types of exercises also increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain. This increased blood flow assists in the stimulation of the hormone which helps brain cells grow.

Also, regular exercise has a direct impact on the brain, with exercise helping the hippocampus (memory and learning) grow and improve mental functionality. Exercise can also assist by reducing the changes which can happen to the brain when a person is suffering from schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease.  

5. Energy Levels Can Be Increased

Whether you are a generally healthy and energetic person or regularly struggle with fatigue, exercise can increase your overall energy levels. The boost in energy can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to be felt, but as shown by research, even those who suffer from chronic illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, and multiple sclerosis, saw some boost in their energy levels. 

So, be sure to keep these exercise benefits in mind when you feel “too tired” or “unmotivated” to workout. They just may turn into your reason why!

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