Monthly Member Features With NordicTrack For October

Monthly Member Feature With NordicTrack - October | NordicTrack Blog

Each month we’ll be featuring our members’ experiences and success stories from our NordicTrack community on Facebook® and Instagram®! We believe it’s important to not only focus on the final outcome of each person’s fitness journey but also give praise along the way. The journey isn’t always easy, so that’s why we’re here to help support, motivate, and help those who may need that little extra nudge for when times get tough. 

This month we have seen such inspirational members of ours take on challenges and conquer anything that has been thrown their way. Check them out below!

Meet Cambrie!

@cambrielittlefield iFit Member – NordicTrack Blog

Facebook®: “My job requires me to travel a lot which can make it hard to stay on a consistent work out routine even when I am home. Traveling is exhausting and the last thing I want to do it go to the gym when I’m tired from all of my travels. Having my #NordicTrack in my house keeps me on track and excited to ride everyday! I can travel with @ifit without leaving my house!”

– @cambrielittlefield

Meet Lucy!

@lucy_bartholomew iFit Member – NordicTrack Blog

Facebook®: “The cool thing about running as a group is you build a community, you build friendships. It’s more about just crossing the finish line and going home.”

– @lucy_bartholomew

Meet Sean!

@seangarner iFit Member – NordicTrack Blog

Instagram®: Where in the world are you cycling today? With @ifit, you can take your workout to a whole new level in breathtaking locations. Just ask @seangarner! He’s always killin’ it on the S22i!

Meet Allison!

@allisonholker iFit Member – NordicTrack Blog

Instagram®: Who else has LOVED seeing @allisonholker fit pregnancy? If you follow Allison, you know she loves play with her kids, staying active, and throwing down some killer dances with her husband @sir_twitch_a lot. We love seeing how she has stayed fit these past couple of months and are so glad the #NordicTrack X22i has been part of that. Now we are just anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby girl!

If you would like to be featured on the NordicTrack Blog monthly feature, tag us on Facebook® and Instagram®, then check back here on the blog to see if you’ve been featured!

Happy training!

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