Benefits Of The NordicTrack Commercial X22i Treadmill

Benefits Of The NordicTrack Commercial X22i Treadmill

The Commercial X22i Treadmill may do more for you than your average treadmill if you are serious about reaching your health and fitness goals. To help you understand how it can help, we wanted to cover some of the benefits that the X22i provides for its users.

Quick Calorie Burn On The X22i

Cardio workouts, like walking and running, are great ways to tone up and burn calories fast. Cardio workouts require a certain amount of time if you are looking to lose weight via exercise.

But when you have the X22i on your side, you can speed up calorie burn thanks to the incredible -6% to 40% incline range that comes with every X22i.

As you increase your incline level, you raise the exertion of your body, which affects how many calories you burn. So, when the X22i is at 40% incline, you can burn calories faster than at a lower incline.

These calorie-burning effects aren’t just for those who are already in shape. Plenty of people have used the X22i to reach their health and fitness goals. Take Nnenna for example:

Protect Your Joints With The X22i Superior Cushioning

Commercial X22i Treadmill – NordicTrack

Running outside can be hard on the body, especially if you have struggled with joint or bone issues. Instead of struggling with the jarring impact of concrete and asphalt, the X22i provides a cushioned surface to help protect your body as you workout.

Developed with Flex™ Cushioning, the X22i is a dream to walk, jog, and run on. The deck absorbs a good deal of the impact of your footfall, rather than pushing the force of your stride completely back up your legs. With its cushioning, you can workout regularly without stressing your joints as much as working out on pavement.  

Engage With Top-Notch iFit® Personal Trainers

Making fitness more engaging and accessible has been one of NordicTrack’s goals. One way we make that possible is through iFit.

Through a subscription to iFit, you can work with professional personal trainers who will keep your body and mind engaged in your workout. The huge, 22” touchscreen will come to life as you run with an iFit personal trainer across beautiful cities, national landmarks, and through stunning landscapes.

You can also access studio classes where you engage in a range of incline treadmill workouts, from HIIT to full-body workouts all from the screen of your X22i.

Reach Your Health And Fitness Goals

With a Commercial X22i Treadmill, you may feel empowered to reach your health and fitness goals. You can workout whenever you have time and don’t have to pay for a gym membership that is never quite used as much as you hoped it would be. Instead, greater health and fitness is right there in your home when you have an X22i.

Owning your own exercise equipment gives you access to a world of fitness possibilities. If you are looking to reach your fitness goals, take advantage of the many benefits of the X22i.

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