Success Story: Nnenna On Her Commercial X22i Treadmill

Success Story: Nnenna On Her X22i Incline Trainer

You can try to do it all, but there may come a point in time where you realize that you can’t. And the first place you’ll notice a change is in your health. You may start to feel more lethargic, unmotivated, and, even worse, get sick. Remember that you’re only one person, and if your health declines then everything around you may suffer as well – work productivity may decrease, your energy levels may plummet, and your relationships with family and friends may suffer.

Once you see how being active and healthy is so important, life may take on a whole new meaning. Making time for a workout will become second nature, and Nnenna has seen that change happen within herself. As stated in her review, running around with her kids isn’t hard for her like it once was, and having her own iFit® personal trainer has made her see improvements that she didn’t think was possible.  

“My health affects my family, but I didn’t have the energy to do the things that I wanted to do. There’s [sic] no words that can explain how busy my schedule is – I’m a wife, a mother, an attorney. I felt like my weight was getting up there because I was just not working out as I should be.

The Incline Trainer is right for people like me. You have a trainer with you at home. They know what you need for your body to get in the shape that you want. It pushes you. It gets you to give your all in that one moment of running.

I lost thirty seven point seven pounds that was weighing me down. I’m really able to do whatever I want to do now, and do it without having to catch my breath. I’m able to run around and keep up with my four-year-old, and I feel so free, motivated. If I’m healthy that means my family’s healthy. There’s nothing better than that.”

Adam, Lisette, Steven, Tabitha, Michael, and Nnenna participated in a 12-week study, during which each person received complimentary meals, an iFit membership, and a discount on a NordicTrack X22i.

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