The Beginners Guide To iFit

iFit – NordicTrack

iFit – NordicTrack

If you are interested in having a personal trainer help you from the comfort of your own home for the extra help and motivation, then you will love iFit®. This revolutionary subscription fitness program brings world-class personal trainers into your home gym.

Currently, a one-year membership to iFit® is included with the purchase of select NordicTrack treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise bikes. So, if you are interested in picking up iFit® after you read this guide, be sure to check if the NordicTrack equipment you are interested in includes iFit® capability.    

Workout With World-Class Trainers

To maximize the effectiveness of iFit®, some of the best personal trainers have been involved in building the workout programs for iFit®. These trainers come from a variety of fitness backgrounds. Just to name a few, here we have:

  • Hannah Eden – HIIT specialist
  • John Peel – Endurance and strength specialist
  • Tanya Poppett – Aerobic specialist
  • Michael Vazquez – HIIT and strength specialist
  • Gideon Akande – Strength specialist
  • Idalis Velazquez – Endurance specialist
  • Chris Clark – Endurance and strength specialist
  • Emily Paskins – Aerobic specialist

With the help of these excellent trainers, you can more easily meet your health and fitness goals.

Access Unlimited Workouts

Due to the partnership between iFit® and Google Maps, you can access unlimited running workouts. Professional trainers are constantly adding new classes and routines to iFit®. This allows users to access new workout videos on a regular basis. Paired with Google Maps, iFit® enables runners to experience running routes all over the world, giving you endless possibilities.

Some of the most popular workouts available are immersive video runs, which are lead by an iFit® trainer. These trainers will guide you through locations around the world, from landmarks like Machu Picchu and Goblin Valley.

Furthermore, the virtual personal trainer will encourage you and make adjustments to your machine as you workout without you having to do so yourself. So, if you are going uphill or need to speed up, the trainer will warn you and keep your spirits up with plenty of encouragement.

Enjoy Recorded iFit® Classes

If you love a good group class, you will love iFit® studio sessions. These sessions are led by an iFit® trainer to help you reach the best results. Every session is a high-energy workout, so you can enjoy the same energy you love in a group class setting from the comfort of your home.

Workout On Or Off Your Equipment

You don’t have to own workout equipment to use and benefit from iFit®. As long as you can log into iFit®, you can access daily workout options. You will receive three new workouts every day, tailored to suit your set goals.

There is also a library of workout videos – currently over 12,000 videos available for iFit® members. These videos cover a wide range of workouts such as:

  • Vinyasa yoga
  • HIIT workouts
  • Kickboxing
  • Strength training
  • Fit in 15

Surely you’ll discover new workouts that you’ll love as you explore iFit®.

Track Your Progress, Nutrition, And Sleep

You can track your progress, nutrition, sleep, and other goals from the iFit® dashboard. If you use iFit® enabled workout equipment, the workout information will be automatically saved to your iFit® account – allowing you to easily see if you are meeting your workout goals. This tracked information you can choose to share with others, either in the iFit® community or with family and friends on social media.

If you are interested in trying this revolutionary fitness program, register for your iFit® membership here!