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iFIT Workout From Mt. Everest Base Camp

First-Ever iFit Live Workout From Mt. Everest Base Camp | NordicTrack Blog

UPDATED, April 26, 2022

Historically seen as a once-in-a-lifetime experience accomplished by the few, Mt. Everest has become accessible to many people from their own homes around the world. The first-ever iFIT® live-streamed workout from Mt. Everest started spring at sunrise, Nepal time. Named the highest mountain of all time, Everest was given the Sanskrit name, Sagarmatha, meaning “Peak of Heaven.” Mt. Everest is the ultimate live iFIT workout location that has blown the minds of many with its spectacular views and challenging incline. Many people have never had the chance to explore this far, until now.

“A Sunrise Trek on Everest” Workout Introduces Ground-Breaking Series

“A Sunrise Trek on Everest: Live Workout” introduced the iFIT series called the “Everest: A Trek to Base Camp Series” (2).

This brief train-to-terrain hike climbs Kalla Pattar with iFIT’s Everest-experienced guides and mountaineers, Kenton Cool, Lydia Bradey, and Ang Tshering Lama, who also teach about the trail and surrounding areas. Tuning in with iFIT’s SmartAdjust™ technology allows your iFIT guide to automatically adjust your machine’s incline and decline to approximate the terrain of the Mt. Everest trail.

The end of the workout, at 18,300 feet, brings you to view the summit of Mt. Everest and the mesmerizing Himalayas at sunrise. As if the accomplishment isn’t rewarding enough, participants who completed the series between May 17 and June 30 were celebrated with a limited-edition iFIT Everest workout reward.

A user didn’t have to have an iFIT membership to do the workout either. Non-members were able to access the workout through a 30-day free trial on the iFIT app, which is available on iOS and Android.

“Everest: A Trek to Base Camp Series” Nominated For 2022 Sports Emmy

iFIT Workout Everest – NordicTrack Blog

This massive 18-part workout series has now been nominated for a 2022 Sports Emmy in “Outstanding Interactive Experience — Original Programming” (4).

iFIT’s “Everest: A Trek to Base Camp Series”, launched live in late spring 2021 and is a workout series filled to the brim with workouts designed for all skill levels:

  • Steady-state cardio treks with New Zealand mountaineer and Everest summiter, Lydia Bradey
  • Exhilarating climbs with expert alpinist, Kenton Cool
  • Active recovery sessions with adventure enthusiast, Ang Tshering Lama

Members learn the history and culture of Nepal and soak up scenic views as they make their way to Mt. Everest Base Camp. 

Instagram Live Q&A With Your iFIT Guides

Before Mt. Everest workout festivities began, iFIT held a Q&A on Instagram with iFIT guides from Mt. Everest Base Camp so members could officially meet the guides and learn more about their workouts. Members of the Official iFIT Member Page on Facebook and those following iFIT on Instagram submitted their questions for Cool, Bradey, and Lama in advance for the Q&A.

Be sure to visit @iFIT on Instagram or the Official iFIT Member Page on Facebook for more information on the Trek or to join in on future live events (5, 6).

Meet Your iFIT Guides

These elite iFIT guides lead you throughout your entire journey in Mt. Everest. Experience steady-speed workouts with New Zealand mountaineer and Everest summiter Lydia Bradey, climbs with expert alpinist Kenton Cool, and recovery days with adventure enthusiast Ang Tshering Lama.

Mt. Everest Workout iFIT – NordicTrack Blog


Regardless of your fitness level, “Everest: A Trek to Base Camp Series” is an unforgettable adventure. Are you pumped to hike and ready for the challenge? Get blown away by working out on the Mt. Everest workout series with iFIT on your NordicTrack machine.

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