Common Maintenance For Your Stationary Bike

Stationary bike maintenance – NordicTrack

Stationary bike maintenance – NordicTrack

Your NordicTrack stationary bike can easily hold up under the stress of regular daily usage, so the daily maintenance you need to perform on your bike is more preventative in nature.

After every workout, you should wipe down your stationary bike with a damp cloth, while avoiding areas which require greasing. Harsh soaps and abrasive cleaners can damage your stationary bike. Some key areas to wipe down are:

  • Seat and seat slide bar
  • Handlebars
  • Flywheel
  • Chain guard
  • Leveling feet
  • Back leg assembly

Be sure to use an absorbent cloth to dry off your stationary bike. By doing these things after every use, you can help keep your bike from building up bacteria, sweat deposits, and fight off any rust.

Stationary Bike Weekly Cleaning To Maintain Performance

The area around your stationary bike may also need regular maintenance to keep your bike in top shape. Things you may want to do once a week to maintain your stationary bike performance are:

  • Move your bike and clean the area where your bike rests.
  • Check for debris around flywheel, pedals, and bike chain.

An equipment mat is a great way to separate your stationary bike from potentially clogging carpet fibers, hair, and dust.

Monthly Maintenance For A Regularly Used Stationary Bike

Monthly maintenance for a regularly used stationary bike may require a few simple hand tools: an adjustable wrench, pliers, and an Allen wrench. If you are a more casual bike user, less than 3 times a week, you can perform this maintenance once every 3 months.

Otherwise, once a month, you may want to re-adjust some of the moving components on your bike:

  • Brackets and bolts – The vibrations from working out on your stationary bike can loosen up the various brackets and bolts. Go over all of them, gently testing their tightness and tightening when needed.
  • Seat assembly – Inspect the seat assembly as a whole. Check to see if the seat is in good condition or if it’s looking worn. Also, check to see if anything is caught inside of the inner part of the adjustable seat slide.
  • Flywheel – If your flywheel is slightly out of alignment, it can cause a great deal of vibration as you workout. Ensure that it is aligned by tightening the bolts on the wheel, and checking that the bike chain is taut.

Annual Maintenance To Check On Your Stationary Bike Equipment

By performing all the other regular maintenance, it is likely your stationary bike will be in good order when it comes time for your annual checks. Some areas which you will want to double-check at this time are:

  • Bike frame – Go over the entire frame, looking for rust, corrosion, missing bolts, or other flaws. Shift your bike around to see if anything shakes loose.
  • Clean crevasses – If there is a crease, crevasse, pin opening, or more, you should go in and clean. You may need a small wire brush to remove any rust which may have been hidden from you.
  • Inspect pedals – There should be some resistance in your pedals. If they are wobbly or move loosely, it may be time to replace them.

For other common maintenance tips for your NordicTrack exercise equipment, see here if you have a treadmill.