The BILT® App For NordicTrack Assembly

The BILT App For NordicTrack Assembly | NordicTrack Blog

UPDATED, December 7, 2021

Thanks to our partnership with BILT®, you can now get step-by-step written, audio, and visual guidance for assembling your new NordicTrack machine at home. The BILT® app allows you to get even more personal with your machine and assembly with a 3D interactive instruction video, making your assembly process easier and quicker than ever before.

Interact on the BILT® app with 3D instructions by tapping and zooming in on certain parts of your machine within the app to get a better understanding of what parts and bolts go where. Instructions have thorough written and visual guidance to further explain in depth should you need more information.

Even after you finish your machine assembly, you can continue to take advantage of the BILT® app for further instructions for products requiring installation, set-up, repair, and maintenance. Best part about it, it’s completely free! Simply download the BILT® app on your iPhone or iPad, and take advantage of all of BILT®’s features. 

Now, let’s go over how to get started with the BILT® app and start setting up your NordicTrack machine.

Getting Started With The BILT® App

Getting started with the BILT® app is as easy as making your initial machine purchase. Simply follow the instructions below:

1. Download The BILT® App

NordicTrack BILT App – NordicTrack Blog

You can download the BILT® app on Google Play® or the BILT® app on Apple Store® to your phone or tablet. Once it has been installed, you can access features, like:

• An overview of the specific tools, parts, assembly steps, time frame, and the number of people that are required to set up your machine.

• 3D interactive instructions showing an animation of machine parts being assembled.

• Virtually interact with your assembly like pinching to zoom, slide, rotate, and tap on certain tools for more information.

• Guidance includes audio and written with simple play/pause controls so you can go at your own pace.

• A electronic saving feature for receipts with easy access to details of your machine.

• Easy registration and warranty information .

• Machine ratings and reviews.

2. Find Your NordicTrack Machine

BILT App QR Code – NordicTrack Blog

You can search the BILT® app database for your machine or use the QR code on your NordicTrack machine to find its instructions.

3. Follow The Assembly Instructions

BILT® will take you through 3D step-by-step instructions on how you can assemble your machine.

NordicTrack Machines That Are Available On The BILT® App

Below are the NordicTrack machines that are currently available on the BILT® app:

Commercial X11i Incline Treadmill (NTL22019.2 & NTL22019.1)

Commercial X14i Incline Treadmill (NTL22021, NTL22021.2)

Commercial X22i Incline Treadmill (NTL29019.1, NTL29221, NTL29221.2, .5)

Commercial X32i Incline Treadmill (NTL39019.0, NTL39221.0)

T Series 6.5 Treadmill (NTL17915.17, NTL17915.16 & NTL17919.5, NTL17919.3)

T Series 8.5 Treadmill (NTL11219.3 & NTL11219.0)

Commercial 1750 Treadmill (NTL14119.5, NTL14119.4, NTL14129.10 & NTL14129.11, NTL14221)

Commercial 2450 Treadmill (NTL17229.6, NTL17219.2, & NTL17219.1, NTL17221.0, NTL17229.5)

Commercial 2950 Treadmill (NTL19119.6, NTL19119.4, NTL19129.11, & NTL19129.10, NTL19221)

Elite 900 Treadmill (NTL89121.2)

Elite 1000 Treadmill (NTL99020.1)

Elite 1400 Treadmill (NTL14020.0)

C700 Treadmill (NTL5919.0, NTL5919.0)

S 25i Treadmill (NTL79520.0)

Commercial S10i Studio Cycle (NTEX05117NB.2, NTEX03121)

Commercial S15i Studio Cycle (NTEX05119.8, NTEX05121.1, NTEX05119.7, NTEX05121.2, NTEX05121.6)

Commercial S22i Studio Cycle (NTEX02117NB.6, .9, .13, .19 NTEX02121.1, NTEX02121.2, NTEX02121.5, NTEX02121.6, .7, .8, .9)

Commercial VR25 Recumbent Bike (NTEX89918.4)

Commercial VU 19 Bike (NTEX76918.3, NTEX76918.4)

Commercial VU 29 Bike (NTEX12921, .1, .3)

Commercial R25 Recumbent Bike (NTEX14921)

Fusion CST (NTSY19916.1, NTSY24921)

The Vault (NTB15019. NTB15019.3)

RW200 Rower (NTRW59147.1)

RW500 Rower (NTRW99147.3, NTRW99147.2)

RW600 Rower (NTRW10121.1, NTRW10121.0)

RW700 Rower (NTRW15121)

RW900 Rower (NTRW19147.1, NTRW19147.2, NTRW19147.3)

Commercial 9.9 Elliptical (NTEL79820, NTEL79820.3, NTEL79820.4)

Commercial 12.9 Elliptical (NTEL71220.0)

Commercial 14.9 Elliptical (NTEL71420.1, NTEL71420.4)

FreeStride Trainer FS7i (NTEL71318.6)

FreeStride Trainer FS10i (NTEL71320.2, NTEL71320.1)

FreeStride Trainer FS14i (NTEL71620)

EXP 7i Treadmill (NTL10421.0)

Adjustable Bench (NTBE19)

Why The BILT® App Is Just What You Need For Assembly

BILT App For NordicTrack – NordicTrack Blog

Sometimes written instructions seem too hard and lengthy to entirely understand. Or it’s the case of you missing one assembly step within the written instructions and proceeding to the next, but then having to backtrack to the instruction you just missed because something isn’t fitting right. We understand this can easily happen and cause serious frustration, which may even lead to you tossing in the towel completely. 

So, in a way for NordicTrack to continue to support our customers in avoiding unnecessary frustration and adhere to current social distancing restrictions*, the BILT® app is a way to provide a lending hand in the easiest and safest way possible. Assembly instructions are also updated on a consistent basis, so you can rely on BILT® and NordicTrack for providing correct instructions for your machine assembly.

For shipping information, see our COVID-19 Shipping Frequently Asked Questions.


This kind of interaction and flexibility that NordicTrack and BILT® have created gives you, the customer, the freedom to access and use anywhere on your phone and tablet. Avoid wordy instruction manuals, and welcome to the new, convenient world of 3D interactive assembly. 

DISCLAIMER: This blog post is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional. The above information should not be used to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or medical condition. Please consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet, sleep methods, daily activity, or fitness routine. NordicTrack assumes no responsibility for any personal injury or damage sustained by any recommendations, opinions, or advice given in this article. Always follow the safety precautions included in the owner’s manual of your fitness equipment. *It is recommended that individuals continue to check the CDC’s website given the fluid and evolving nature of their warnings.