Getting Into Studio Cycling On The S15i

Getting Into Studio Cycling On The S15i

One way to exercise that is packed full of enthusiasm, upbeat music, and full-body engagement is hopping on an exercise bike for an instructor-led, studio cycling class. Motivation is flowing from the group of athletes around you. Music is flooding the room. Sweat is dripping in puddles beneath you. From start to finish, your legs are moving and by the end of the session, you can’t help but high five yourself for a job well done.

Bring studio cycling home with the NordicTrack S15i Studio Cycle – paired with iFit®, you can enjoy your own personal cycle training on your schedule. The S15i is an incredible home exercise bike with a dozen specs that outperform what you’ll typically find at your local gym. Dramatic features that you’ll find in the S15i include a -10% to 20% incline range paired with 22 levels of resistance. This incline feature was designed to closely imitate the real feel of road cycling downhill and uphill, making your experience that much more authentic. 

The S15i provides a seamless ride with a smooth, inertia-enhanced flywheel. And with a number of adjustable features, this exercise bike fits a wide range of users while taking up minimal space in your home gym.

Bring Personal Cycle Training Home With iFit 

Whether you’re looking for a way to exercise from home or a more convenient class time to pair with your busy schedule, bringing gym equipment into your home is a convenient way to do so. And instead of missing out on the group training classes most gyms provide, you can now do that from home too.

S15i – NordicTrack

With iFit, you can attend interactive studio cycle classes in your own home, any time that’s convenient for your schedule. Thanks to the 14” Smart HD touchscreen, two 2” digitally amplified speakers, and a huge library of studio cycle classes, you’ll never run out of ideas on your exercise bike. You can also mix up your workouts with strength training by using the included 3 lb dumbbell weights. 

The iFit instructors bring the heat with motivating and educational coaching. Even more, your coach automatically changes the speed, incline, and resistance of your machine as the studio cycle class progresses so you can focus on form and performance.

When you’re ready to switch things up even more off of your bike, swivel the screen and head to the floor for bodyweight exercises that build and sculpt your legs, arms, back, and core.

Building Your Own Home Gym Has Awesome Benefits 

Benefits of having your own home gym includes: 

  • Completing your workouts in total privacy if you choose.
  • Avoiding time-consuming commutes to the gym.
  • Sidestep expensive trainers, gym memberships, and child care.
  • Avoiding sharing gym germs with the rest of the gym members.
  • Working out when it’s most convenient for your schedule.
  • Turning the music up as loud as you want.
  • Never waiting for your turn to use the equipment.
  • Wearing whatever you want without worry of self-consciousness.

When it comes to home gyms, the S15i is a great addition! You’re not just buying an exercise bike. You’re buying the equipment, the knowledge, the variety, and the motivation you’ve been looking for to reach your fitness goals.

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