The S22i: “An Exercise Bike With An Amazing Feature Peloton Lacks” – A Forbes® Review

S22i: “An Exercise Bike With An Amazing Feature Peloton Lacks” – A Forbes® Review | NordicTrack Blog

Choosing the best exercise bike with the best features can be tricky. So, it is ever so convenient to have a trusted source review different bikes to provide you with another perspective that you may not have thought of or seen otherwise. 

The well-known and trusted publication, Forbes®, has answered one of the most common questions asked by many this past year, “NordicTrack or Peloton?” Let’s see what they’ve had to say below.

Unmatched Technology Of The NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle   

Peloton vs. NordicTrack | NordicTrack Blog

Forbes® contributor, Andrew Williams, speaks about the advanced technology of the S22i as being a top feature that really stands out from the competition. Not to mention the incline and decline feature that the bike stimulates to match hill training. 

“ It’s hard not to conclude that in a pure hardware-to-hardware comparison, the NordicTrack S22i comes out on top for value, versus the Peloton Bike+.”

Andrew Williams

Taking The Scenic Route With iFit®

iFit And NordicTrack  – NordicTrack Blog

The complement of revolutionary virtual technology to the S22i, known as iFit, exceeds the normal workout experience by taking you outside your home without you physically having to leave. 

“You see, while this may look like a gym bike, the real appeal here is getting your head out of a four-walled space. It doesn’t just put a virtual gym in your spare room.”

Andrew Williams

Traveling The World From Home

Peloton Bike vs. NordicTrack Bike | NordicTrack Blog

With the S22i, the world is at your fingertips––giving you access to far away countries that you may not have been able to visit otherwise. Explore world traditions as you workout on the S22i, and visit places like Iceland, Argentina, the Balkans, Scotland, and many more. You may even forget you’re working out as your exploration mind wonders.

“Those who want a real challenge could try something like France’s Mont Ventoux climb. Google[®]’s data includes terrain mapping, so you’ll feel the bike tilt and the resistance change based on what the roads are like out there in the real world.”

Andrew Williams

iFit Studio Classes For The Win

NordicTrack S22i | NordicTrack Blog

For all the studio cycle class lovers out there, iFit provides energetic studio classes that’ll challenge and maximize your calorie burn. Including workouts that’ll keep you engaged with taking your workout off the bike with ease and convenient accessibility thanks to the swivel screen feature.  

“The NordicTrack S22i’s scenery rides stand out, but the more familiar gym workouts are on offer too.

Some of these are like spin classes, sitting you on the bike, perhaps using the included small weights that sit in holders by the handlebars. There are strength, aerobics and recovery classes too.

To do these comfortably, you turn the screen so you don’t have to peer at it over the handlebars. It twists through 360 degrees, with a stopping point to ensure you don’t rip out the internal cabling.

A reminder: NordicTrack got here before Peloton added the feature to the Bike+.”

Andrew Williams


As we continuously improve our machines and their innovative capabilities, we are proud to listen to our customers and provide a workout experience that users won’t find anywhere else on the most sophisticated equipment available. Furthermore, having our hard work acknowledged by a world-renowned publication, such as Forbes®, is a complement in itself and continues to fuel our drive for bringing the best exercise machines to the masses. 

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