From iFit To Real-Time: Member Takes iFit From Home To The Mountains

From iFit To Real-Time: Member Takes iFit From Home To The Mountains | NordicTrack Blog

The interactive technology of iFit® was created to provide a truly immersive experience on a NordicTrack machine. The automatic trainer adjustments made during each workout matches your workout’s terrain, so you can explore the destination as if you were there in real-time doing the workout along your iFit trainer. As a matter of fact, one of our members took it a step further and recreated her iFit workout in Colorado in-person.

iFit member Megan had the idea of doing the iFit workout, Boulder Quarantine Cycle Series, in Colorado on her NordicTrack S22i first, then taking her workout to the physical location where the workout was previously recorded by iFit to challenge herself in real-time. What an amazing way to explore an iFit workout full circle!

Let’s get to know Megan, and how she went from her home gym with iFit to the mountains:

Meet Megan!

NordicTrack S22i Bike Member Review – NordicTrack Blog

Question: How long have you been a NordicTrack and iFit member?

Megan: “My husband and I bought a NordicTrack bike in exchange for our gym membership. I went to the gym solely for the spin classes, so when NordicTrack was shown to us, it was pretty much a “no brainer” because of everything NordicTrack and iFit had to offer. Our bike was delivered January of 2019, right after the birth of our third child. I counted down the days until I was cleared for physical activity! It allows me to workout whenever I want, whether it’s 5am or a nap-time ride, it gives me a place to focus on myself.”

Question: What NordicTrack machine do you own?

Megan: “I own the s22i bike. I periodically check out the treadmills as well because I would love to add one of those to the home gym!”

Question: Was the workout on-location much different than doing it at home with iFit?

Megan: “I’ve actually had the opportunity to bike the Mineral Belt Trail in Leadville, CO, which happens to be part of the Boulder Quarantine Cycle Series with iFit trainer, Ryan Petry. The views were just as I remember. I have pictures and videos of my family and I riding the same trail that I rode in my home gym on my studio bike. The town and views in Leadville are hard to forget!”  

Question: How was it going from your iFit workout at home to workout on-location?

Megan: “When in Leadville, biking the Mineral Belt trail, I was more so distracted by the scenery and less focused on my workout. At home on my bike, I found myself focusing more on my breathing and what Ryan was saying about the area and less about the scenery, giving me the ability to focus on getting the most out of my workout. However, it was nice recognizing the same old mines, trails, and mountains in the background on iFit. The bike does a great job of simulating the speed and resistance just like the ride in-person.”

Question: Do you plan on taking route with other iFit workouts?

Megan: “Yes! I plan on doing as many series around the world as I can! This is one of the things I love about iFit….it allows you to travel the world, right from your home gym!

Question: What’s your favorite iFit workout?

Megan: “This was a hard one because iFit offers SO MUCH! When I first started riding, I was focusing on the in-studio series, but slowly started testing the more scenic rides. These days, my “go-to’s” are any of the scenic rides. My favorites as of now have been the Colorado and Patagonia series. I just started the New Zealand one and so far love it as well!  

I am a runner, and earlier this year I was sidelined with a foot injury that prevented me from doing multiple runs a week. At that time, I was preparing for two ultra trail races––a 26-miler in September and then my first 50k (31 miles) in October. When your doctor tells you to stop running in order to heal, as a runner, that is not what you want to hear, especially when you are working towards a goal! I turned to my bike to help with the cross-training. It was a ride shortly after that, with Ashley Paulson, where she said that her bike has actually helped her become a better runner. That comment stuck with me. I utilized the longer distance and rides with higher simulated elevation gain to help keep my cardio up and condition my muscles. I know that all of those rides helped me cross the finish line at both races. Moving towards my next goal of a 50-miler, I know that the bike will continue to be a huge aspect of my training.”

Question: What’s your advice to other iFit members?  

Megan: “My advice to other iFit members? Self-care is extremely important, mentally and physically. Listen to your body. Start slow and work towards a goal. Workouts are going to push you. They are meant to test you….keep at it! iFit offers so many options, don’t be afraid to do something outside of your comfort zone. You never know how it will change you.”


As you can see, iFit is not just an incredible interactive fitness training program that does an incredible job at simulating real terrain for your workouts at home. It’s a platform that you can also use as your travel guide to the world. Locations such as Machu Picchu, Patagonia, and the Swiss Alps can all be previewed on iFit before you take flight––providing you with a life-like experience. So, start making your bucket list with iFit all the while getting fit to get you there. 

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