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iFit Live Workouts With NordicTrack

Introducing iFit Live Workouts With NordicTrack | NordicTrack Blog

UPDATED, October 22, 2020

Depending on where you live, your local gyms and workout studios may be closed without any kind of reopening date set, in order to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19. Not NordicTrack! We have been ready and open to support all your fitness and health needs by bringing you interactive personal training right in your home with iFit® Live Workouts. Access live workouts on your NordicTrack treadmill, bike, and on the iFit app

Live-stream classes from home, such as strength training, yoga, stretching, and machine workouts to help you stay healthy and forget that you’re even in isolation. In addition to live classes, our professional iFit trainers are dedicated to giving you access to a variety of on-demand video workouts filmed straight from their own homes and all over the world, so they can continue to push you farther and harder than you ever have before.

Let’s meet some of our iFit Live Workout Trainers:

Ashley Paulson 

Live Workout With iFit Trainer Ashley Paulson – NordicTrack Blog

It’s come to no surprise that a runner, Ironman athlete, and a self-proclaimed cardio junkie as Ashley brings such a contagious positive energy and encouragement to every treadmill, strength training, and iFit outdoor workout. 

Live Workout Schedule

John Peel

Live Workout With iFit Trainer John Peel – NordicTrack Blog

You can join John’s live workouts for a treadmill workout or strength training session. As a former NCAA® Division I football player for the University of Utah, John likes to incorporate fast paced reps and supersets, as well as lots of core work, so be prepared to sweat. 

Live Workout Schedule

Elyse Miller

Live Workout With iFit Trainer Elyse Miller – NordicTrack Blog

Elyse will take you through a live workout of your choice on a treadmill or strength training session. She focuses on good form to ensure the best results for every workout.

Live Workout Schedule

Gideon Akande 

Live Workout With iFit Trainer Gideon Akande – NordicTrack Blog

There’s a reason why the Huffington Post® named Gideon’s Instagram® account one of the best fitness accounts in the country, and you’ll witness it first hand in his iFit Live Workouts. Gideon’s positive attitude and contagious energy leaves his members wanting more after his bike, treadmill, and strength training workouts.

Live Workout Schedule

Hannah Eden 

Live Workout With iFit Trainer Hannah Eden – NordicTrack Blog

Appearing on the list of the Top 100 Fittest Women in the Southeast Region of the U.S. in 2014, there is no question that Hannah will leave you feeling accomplished and hungry for more after her treadmill and strength training live workouts.  

Live Workout Schedule

Chris Clark 

Live Workout With iFit Trainer Chris Clark – NordicTrack Blog

Chris likes to focus on mindset, movement, and regeneration during his training, so you’re bound to be pushed and challenged throughout his bike workout or strength training session of your choosing. 

Live Workout Schedule

Stacie Clark 

Live Workout With iFit Trainer Stacie Clark – NordicTrack Blog

Stacie embraces an active lifestyle, training and competing in adventure races, CrossFit® challenges, and races ranging from 10Ks to urbanathlons. With her passion for fitness, you’ll find yourself going back to her energetic live classes on the treadmill and her strength training workouts. 

Live Workout Schedule

Paulo Barreto 

Live Workout With iFit Trainer Paulo Barreto – NordicTrack Blog

Paulo’s contagious energy will entice you as he uniquely focuses on total-body exercise during his bike, strength training and HIIT live workouts.

Live Workout Schedule

Now, you may already be familiar with these iFit trainers from working out with them in your iFit app, but you haven’t seen them in live action until now. Let’s look deeper into our iFit Live Workout features that completely compliments our trainers’ workout styles:

iFit Live Workout Features

Automatic Machine Adjustments 

Live Treadmill Workouts – NordicTrack Blog

The incredible NordicTrack feature of the automatic machine adjustment functionality during these live classes is something you won’t find anywhere else. The trainer you choose to workout with for your live workout will automatically adjust your NordicTrack machine to follow the workout. No more fiddling with the incline, decline, speed, or resistance function––the trainer and machine will do all the adjusting for you, so you can merely focus on your workout. 

Live-Streaming Workouts Outdoors

Some days are just too nice to stay indoors, so iFit has created live-streaming workouts to be enjoyed outside! As an interactive workout platform to take workouts outdoors, you’ll be able to explore your trainer’s local hikes and neighborhoods while staying safely near home. And be sure to stay tuned: iFit Live Global Workouts are coming soon!

Chat Live With Trainers

iFit Live Workouts – NordicTrack Blog

You can now chat live with your trainer before your live workout! Simply join the waiting room 10 minutes before your workout starts and scan the QR code on your smartphone to personally text your iFit trainer. They will respond to your questions and comments live during the workout, so be sure to pay close attention to your shoutout.

Remember, these iFit trainers are filming their live workouts from inside their own personal home gyms. So, you can see where they train themselves and even get some home gym ideas of your own.

Compete With Others From Home

Spice up your daily workout with a little friendly competition. By engaging with the on-demand workouts, you can join with others doing that workout at the same time.  Push yourself to rank higher up on the iFit leaderboard and hit those personal bests. You even have the opportunity to challenge others of your choosing like family and friends even if you do the workout at different times or days. Even select a challenge that is based upon distance, watts, elevation gain, calories, and machine type. You have the power to choose and compete!

Even when you decide to challenge yourself to iFit’s on-demand workouts in between the live workouts, your leaderboard access is live so you can interact with others during that same workout. 

Tip: To access and apply the new filters during a workout, tap ‘Filter’, select ‘History’, and then select your desired filter option.

Live-Stream Workouts – NordicTrack Blog

Getting Started With Live Workouts

Getting started is as easy as a touch of a button. Select ‘Live’ on your NordicTrack machine console or tablet. You will be taken to the iFit live schedule where you can see the available trainers and workout types for that day and the following week. Once you select a workout, be prepared because you’re never going to look at home workouts the same again.

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