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Women’s History Month With NordicTrack, Powered By iFit

Women’s History Month With NordicTrack, Powered By iFit | NordicTrack Blog

To commemorate Women’s History Month for 2021, we want to highlight the incredible and inspiring women that make NordicTrack, powered by iFit® what it is. As women have made, and continue to make, victorious leaps in a personal and professional realm, we are motivated to shine our spotlight on some of the talented and beautiful women that we have the privilege of knowing.

Ashley Paulson

Raised in Utah County, Ashley has always loved long-distance running. Inspired by her dad, an avid marathon runner, she began joining him on his shorter runs at eight years old. Today, she is an AFAA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor and is also certified in kickboxing, Zumba, and cycling. As an Ironman athlete, the St. George, Utah resident is a self-proclaimed cardio junkie, and she never turns down a good HIIT workout. Some of her favorite things to do are hike and paddle board.

Get a glimpse below as Ashley takes it a step further and opens up about a personal struggle of hers and is driven to help even just one person with overcoming their own battle. We’re overwhelmed by the raw emotion and the love Ashley brings to our screens in this:  

To continue learning more about Ashley’s story, login into your iFit account and access her Heart To Heart Series.

In addition to her captivating way of making us want to be vulnerable with ourselves, she also knows how to crank up the motivation for when we need it the most:

Hannah Eden

For years, Hannah has worked on her craft as a coach and CrossFit® athlete. In 2014, she began competing at an elite level, becoming one of the Top 100 Fittest Women in the Southeast Region of the U.S. Shortly after, she started PumpFit Club––a boutique, upscale facility that hosts group sessions with a unique approach to HIIT training. That experience, combined with her knowledge in free-weight training and olympic lifting, is what makes Hannah one of the top fitness leaders today. You can expect her workouts to be a little wild, sometimes inappropriate, and always a good sweat.

With an athlete such as Hannah, there are no boundaries. Watch below as she pushes her own limits to bring awareness to an important cause that is close and dear to her heart.

You too can workout with Hannah in Iceland, here on iFit Trainer Hannah Eden Takes HIIT To Iceland.

And with an unlimited workout library, there’s many other locations you can explore with Hannah on iFit: 

Betina Gozo

Betina is a full-time personal trainer, group trainer, and independent contractor in Portland, Oregon, where she also works at the Nike® World Headquarters. As an ACE® and NASM® Certified Personal Trainer, Betina has taught everything from Zumba® to HIIT classes. She’s also a Nike® Master Trainer, having led workout classes and live events throughout the United States for as many as 500 people. Betina’s training philosophies stem from functional movement as she strives to provide the tools and movement education each individual needs to live their healthiest and best life.

“Trust your gut” is the best woman-to-woman piece of advice Betina says she has ever received. Trusting yourself and doing what you feel is right for you is what Betina stands by.

See how Betina incorporates this way of thinking into her iFit workouts below:  

Check it out for yourself in Betina’s Antarctica Beginner Series on iFit. She’ll even show you some of the most spectacular, awe-inspiring places on earth while you work out.

Idalis Velazquez

Idalis Velazquez grew up in Puerto Rico and later attended Florida Atlantic University where she competed in NCAA® Division 1 track and field and set the school record for the indoor long jump. Today, she’s a top expert in fat-loss training and total-body fitness in Miami, Florida, as well as a wife and proud mother of two girls. With a diverse set of training skills, Idalis specializes in fast, functional, and efficient workouts. She believes in using foundational movements––designing each workout with timesaving precision and a specific purpose in mind.

See Idalis’s story below and understand why she preaches that giving up will never be an option, not for her and not for you:

Challenge yourself to Idalis’s training on the Inca Interval Series on iFit. You’ll run, hike, and walk alongside Idalis in iconic locations, including Machu Picchu, Colca Canyon, and the Sacred Valley.

Tanya Poppett

Born and raised near the beach in Australia, Tanya Poppett grew up loving the outdoors. Today, she runs HIIT bootcamps and leads her own fitness retreats where she guides a small group of fellow travelers through physically challenging destination activities. Tanya’s strong belief that “fit and healthy” looks different on everyone has led her to develop innovative ways of getting fit and staying active. Admired by thousands of people around the globe, her goal is to create workouts that are fun, effective, and time-friendly.

Tanya’s passion for fitness helps us to look beyond the media of what we “should” look like and placing more importance on how we feel:

Witness Tanya’s effective workout style in her Italy HIIT Series on iFit. She’ll coach you through eight intermediate interval runs all over Italy. You’ll explore beautiful locations, including Capri, Venice, Rome, and the Amalfi Coast.

iFit Women Members

We also want to highlight the incredible women that are on the other side of the screens––the women that make NordicTrack, powered by iFit, possible. Our iFit women members continuously show consistency, willpower, and dedication to their health and fitness. They have chosen us to be a part of their journey to their best self, and we are so grateful to be able to help them achieve their goals. 

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As you can see, this group of women stand for strength, determination, and health––inspiring everyone they come in contact with and showing us what we all could be capable of. We feel lucky to have them on our NordicTrack and iFit teams as our guides and members to really set the tone of our fitness and motivate us to be the best we can. Help us in showing much love and support to them because together we can support Women’s History this month and throughout the entire year!

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