Monthly Member Features With NordicTrack For June

Monthly Member Features With NordicTrack For June | NordicTrack Blog

June was about taking our power back and using NordicTrack to do it! Our featured members for June have used their NordicTrack equipment to overcome their challenges of limitation and frustrations, and managing to keep up with their fitness goals.  

We believe we can learn a thing or two from our NordicTrack members––watching them grow each day through their training and finding ways to improve their overall health is motivating in itself. 

Have a look at our members and follow their journeys with us:

Meet Antoniette!

Member Feature @antoniette_pacheco – NordicTrack Blog

Facebook®: “Absolutely LOVE my Fusion CST! The convenience of this equipment and its amazing trainers with incredible workouts are a GAME CHANGER!

The best part about this machine is that YOU control the intensity. It’s all tailored to YOU; your age, body type, gender, and goals. I’m so thankful to have this in my home gym as I recover from back surgery.”

– @antoniette_pacheco

Meet Pam!

Member Feature @uzo.2.0 – NordicTrack Blog

Instagram®: “We are so happy to have both machines especially now that we are home during this time.

Healthy lifestyle and well-being have always been part of our family goals and I am glad we are able to do this with my husband side by side every morning. Our daily exercise routine is absolutely our best part of the day.” 

– @uzo.2.0

Meet Matthew!

Member Feature @mattya07 – NordicTrack Blog

Instagram®: “As a full-time nursing student, it can be hard to find time for running and travel. Finally, now I can do both at once!” 

– @mattya07

Meet Libby!

Member Feature @libbyleighperritt – NordicTrack Blog

Instagram®: “A huge reason why I love this treadmill is because of the iFit workouts! As someone who is used to writing all the workouts for others, I love this feature!” 

– @libbyleighperritt

As the world evolves, we will as well, and there’s nothing that can stop us! Will you join us?

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