Monthly Member Features With NordicTrack For April

Monthly Member Features With NordicTrack For April | NordicTrack Blog

With the shelter-in-place and all of us having to continue to be in isolation, it is completely motivating to watch our members stay consistently strong and dedicated to their home workouts this month. 

As you get to know these members, be prepared to be inspired, as well as getting a glimpse into what one of our members is personally experiencing as a doctor during this pandemic, and how he’s using his treadmill as an escape each day to mentally prepare himself for his work. 

Meet Bailey!

Member Feature @bodyfitbalance – NordicTrack Blog

Facebook®: “Taking my incline walks to a whole new level with this NordicTrack X32i Incline Treadmill!

This beast of a machine goes up to 40% incline! Within minutes of walking on it, your glutes & calves are on fire – it is INSANE. Since I am always working from home & studying at a desk all day, I struggle with getting my steps in – on top of that, living in MN, it is SO challenging to get outside & walk every day. Having this treadmill at home makes getting my steps in SO much easier!! I love that you can run virtually anywhere in the world with the iFit classes – one of my favorites is the hike on Machu Picchu [sic], it kills!!” 

– @bodyfitbalance

Meet Ruby!

Member Feature @heyitsrubee – NordicTrack Blog

Facebook®: “You all know I really enjoyed my ‘me time’ at the gym. It’s really important for me to stay happy and healthy, and lead my daughters by example.

Lately, I’ve been team #stayhome, to flatten the curve. NordicTrack has really helped me stay on track inside my home, and keep up my weight loss momentum!” 

– @heyitsrubee

Meet Dr. Perry!

Member Feature @kennethj.perrymd – NordicTrack Blog

Instagram®: “Anxiety is the most common mental health problem affecting [sic] Americans. In the midst of a pandemic, it is difficult to think of people who are not affected by some amount of stress. For myself as an Emergency Physician, there is no escaping this stress. From the moment I walk into the hospital the stress begins with wondering if the next patient is going to be the extremely sick Covid-19 patient. The act of donning personal protective equipment is time consuming and uncomfortable. Doffing (the act of removing the personal protective equipment) elicits the stress of being the most common event where healthcare professionals can contract the virus. And it continues as I decontaminate myself before walking in my house, wondering if the shower I take is thorough enough to keep my family safe. 

In the midst of all this, to mentally prepare me for tomorrow’s shift, I let my treadmill take me to a far away place. From running the Spanish steps, to Patagonia, I am able to transport to a place without a pandemic even for just an hour. NordicTrack and @iFit help me leave the stress of today and prepare for the Emergency Department tomorrow.”  

– @kennethj.perrymd

Meet Yvette!

Member Feature @yvetteg23 – NordicTrack Blog

Instagram®: “What I love about the Fusion CST is that it allows you to work both upper and lower body so you can get a great full-body workout.” 

– @yvetteg23

These times surely have challenged us physically and mentally, yet it’s also given us an opportunity to reevaluate our lifestyles and our goals. We want to personally thank those who are on the frontlines risking their own health to care for those in need just like our featured member, Dr. Perry. We commend you!

You can see more of our members that have been featured for February and March on the NordicTrack Blog.

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