One Simple Way To Burn More Calories From Home

One Simple Way To Burn More Calories From Home | NordicTrack Blog

The secret to decreasing body weight and fat mass isn’t just yoga or pilates, and really, it isn’t much of a secret at all. The answer lies with your treadmill’s incline function

Running And Our Efficient Bodies

Our bodies are great at adapting to the stress we put it under, be it learning a new task or exercise. This holds true when it comes to running. Unfortunately, if you are trying to use running as a way to lose weight and build overall physical fitness, this adaptability may be working against you.

If you were:

  • 150 lbs
  • Running 5.0 MPH
  • 20 minutes of running
  • 0% incline

You would only burn about 180 calories. And with any successful weight loss, you’ll see yourself burn fewer calories over time. Even an increase in speed doesn’t offset this drop in calories burned.

But if you want your workout to count for more, then you need to turn up the difficulty level; not by going faster, but by climbing higher instead.

Incline Treadmills For Greater Calorie Burn

Part of what makes incline training so successful is that our bodies don’t adapt easily to hill climbing. We can get better at it, but since most of the time we walk on flat and level surfaces, our bodies are used to that as our baseline.

If you are looking for a higher calorie burn, go straight for an incline treadmill by NordicTrack.

These treadmills:

  • Range in price from $1,899 – $2,899
  • 0-12 MPH
  • Go from -6% decline to 40% incline
  • Burn 5x the calories at 40% incline versus a 0% incline

Working your way up to 40% incline is a fantastic way to see your running count for more. As our bodies are great at adapting, this is one hurdle that will keep you challenged. You will likely find that you can’t go as fast when you initially start using the higher incline settings on your incline trainer. Which should be exactly what you are looking for when working out.

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By giving yourself a workout that will keep your body engaged, you are sure to keep your calorie burn higher than just running at 0% incline. And once you reach that 40% incline, you will burn calories faster, receiving more bang for your exercise buck.

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