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"The fastest, easiest way to burn calories, shed fat, and lose weight" –Jillian Michaels, America's Toughest Trainer. With a collection of stunning features to provide the ultimate training experience, the Incline Trainer allows you to burn five times the calories with its industry-leading, 40-percent incline.
  • 40% Incline to 6% Decline
  • 7" Smart HD Touchscreen
  • 3.0 CHP Motor


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  • 40% Incline to 6% Decline
  • 22” Smart HD Touchscreen
  • 4.25 CHP Motor
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*iFit Coach Plus Required

  • 40% Incline to 6% Decline
  • 10" Smart HD Touchscreen
  • 4.25 CHP Motor
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*iFit Coach Plus Required

Burn 381 Calories Faster

Burn More Calories
in Less Time

Take your workout up to 40 percent incline. You'll burn more calories as your incline increases, even while walking. The NordicTrack incline trainer features industry-leading incline and advanced features that offer motivation, simplicity and comfort.

Burn 381 Calories Faster

*Calories burned walking at 2 mph for 20 minutes, based on average user weight of 200 pounds. Five times calorie burn figure compares results of independent lab tests for walking at machine's lowest incline vs. machine's highest incline.

Testimonials and Success Stories

Olivia Ward

Olivia Ward Biggest Loser Winner, Season 11

Are you focused on the end goal of your fitness? See what Olivia Ward has to say about staying motivated.

Hannah Curlee

Hannah Curlee Biggest Loser Runner Up, Season 11

Are you focused on the end goal of your fitness? See what Hannah Curlee has to say about staying motivated.

Shape Magazine “A treadmill you’ll want to use.”
Runner's World Magazine “...unrivaled speed and slope.”

Change the Way You View Fitness

iFit® adds fun to your fitness so you can burn calories without getting bored. This cloud-based feature connects you to interactive training tools that track your progress, provide adaptable workout routines and simulate terrain from all over the world, granting you virtually limitless training opportunities.

The World at Your Fingertips

iFit® provides routes from all over the world by showing the Google Maps™ Street View on the console and automatically adjusting the machine's incline and resistance.

A Different Workout Every Day

With hundreds of tailored workouts highlighting the most beautiful routes in the world, you'll never be stuck in a boring workout routine. Enjoy a different workout every day.

Climb the Leaderboards

Add competition to your training by joining an iFit® Challenge where you can monitor leaderboard rankings in real time. Challenge your friends and climb to the top!

Automatic Tracking

Automatically track and sync your stats to your online profile. Your miles, calories burned and more are available on your console and through various mobile apps.

Merging the roles of incline, decline and standard treadmills, our incline trainers are the most versatile machines on the market. Now you can experience all the muscle-toning and calorie-burning benefits of three treadmills in one. Feel the thrill of going from -6 percent to 40 percent incline at the touch of a button.


learn to love hill training on an incline treadmill

Learn to love hill training on an incline treadmill. Training is all about making yourself better than the day before. If you’ve been running for months, years or are just starting off, adding incline into your workout will make a you a stronger runner. Starting off may be challenging, but these tips will help you fall in love with hill training on an incline treadmill. Running with proper form takes stress off unnecessary places. (read more)

iFit Coach
Personal Trainer-led HD Video
from Around the World
Other premium benefits include:
Speed Weight

Cross-training Classes with SpeedWeight™ Adjustable Dumbbells


Daily LiveCast™ Classes

Train every day

New destinations and new trainers every day

Google MapsGoogle Maps™ Street View
Personalized WorkoutsPersonalized Workouts
iFit Vue WearableIncluded iFit Vue Wearable
Online Fitness CommunityOnline Fitness Community
Custom Meal PlansCustom Meal Plans and Calorie Targets
Sleep TrackingSleep Tracking
Fitness LibraryExpansive Fitness Library
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