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How To Choose The Best Treadmill For Your Home This Christmas

How To Choose The Best Treadmill For Your Home This Christmas | NordicTrack Blog

If you’re looking to buy a home treadmill this Christmas, we can help you make the right purchase the first time with this handy checklist of all of the things you should consider before taking the plunge. 

Answer These Questions

Question #1: How Much Can You Spend? 

Having a strong understanding of your budget allowance will help you to significantly narrow down your options.

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If you’re looking to find a treadmill that is smaller and durable, take a look at the Commercial 1750 Treadmill. A 1-year iFit® membership is also included with your treadmill purchase. Talk about getting more bang for your buck!

If you’re looking for extra features, functionality, and a larger display, check out the Commercial X22i Incline Treadmill. This treadmill also includes a 1-year iFit membership. 

Question #2: How Much Space Do You Have? 

Your space allowance will help you determine the following aspects of your treadmill purchase:

  • Footprint
  • Folding ability
  • Running surface size

A great treadmill option is the T 8.5 S Treadmill if you’re looking for something that has easy storage capability. With its SpaceSaver® Design with EasyLift™ Assist, the T 8.5 S can easily be stored away after each workout.

Question #3: What Are You Using This Treadmill For? 

Knowing how your treadmill will be used on a daily basis will help you to determine the following aspects of your treadmill purchase:

  • Running surface size
  • Incline range and speed ability
  • Built-in workouts
  • Media capabilities

Every NordicTrack treadmill has been carefully engineered to provide a comfortable stride for users, as well as creating multiple treadmills at different incline ranges for all fitness levels. Take the Commercial 2450 Treadmill, for example, having an incline range of -3% to 15%; compared to the Commercial X22i Incline Treadmill with a whopping -6 % to 40% incline. You have a wide range of variety to choose from!

Each machine includes built-in workouts, and to make the deal even sweeter, an included 1-year iFit membership comes with your purchase. 

Question #4: Will Other Family Members Be Using The Treadmill? 

Considering the needs of multiple users within your household will help you to determine the following aspects of your treadmill purchase this Christmas:

  • Weight capacity
  • User profiles
  • User preferences
  • Workout variety

Children under 16 should not be on, around, or use ICON fitness equipment for safety reasons. See your user’s manual.

Compare The Specs

Treadmill features and specifications vary from treadmill to treadmill, some having certain components that others do not. But each and every treadmill will have the same general list of specs to consider.

Running Surface Area: 20” x 50” for walking and 22” x 55” for running (60″ for runners over 6′ tall) are standard.

Belt: Material, thickness, and texture will all play a part in your running experience and the longevity of the belt.

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Console: The display will range from a small LCD monitors to a large HD touchscreen. Pay attention to the way the speed and incline adjustments are positioned on the treadmill. The console may have extra features like speakers, tablet holders, and fans.

Speed Range: Standard speed range is 0-10mph.

Incline Range: Standard incline range is 0-20%, and some treadmills offer specialty incline abilities ranging between -6% to 40%.

Max User Weight: Standard max user rate may be anywhere from 250 lbs to 400 lbs.

Warranty Coverage: Standard warranty coverage is about 10 years for frame, 3 years for parts, and 1 year for labor.

Consider Extra Treadmill Features And Accessories

There are many accessories you can pair with a treadmill to enhance your home workout. Consider the addition of hand weights, heart rate monitors, or floor mats. You can also add a treadmill mat to your purchase for floor protection. 

Usually, as you go up in cost, you can expect treadmills to come with upgraded features and accessories like Bluetooth® speakers, built-in console fans, increased incline abilities, and larger display screens.

The great thing about NordicTrack treadmills is that they are enabled with iFit, a virtual training program that can be accessed through your machine, tablet, and phone. Instead of the standard pre-set workout programs you’ve always used, you can access iFit’s huge workout library on your treadmill for tons of high-quality workout videos led by your own personal trainer within a studio setting and also train globally with the Google Maps™ feature.   

Finding The Best Treadmill For Your Home This Christmas

The best treadmill for home use is one you will use. That leaves the specs and features must-have list up to you! NordicTrack has created a line up of treadmills that are fun, entertaining, and completely engaging to help you get the best use out of your home treadmill this Christmas.

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