Combining NordicTrack And iFit For A Powerful Home Workout Routine

Combining NordicTrack And iFit For A Powerful Home Workout Routine

NordicTrack is a household name when it comes to discussing the best home gym equipment. With a history of excellence, it can be hard to imagine what iFit can add to the equation. Well, the reality is, iFit is an incredible compliment to NordicTrack’s top-notch machines – working together to bring you the best home fitness experience possible. 

What Does iFit Provide To Users

iFit Home Workout – NordicTrack

Access to iFit® on your NordicTrack equipment creates a better experience with more benefits than other training programs. iFit goes beyond data tracking with immersive workout programs, world-class personal trainers, customizable nutrition plans, and invaluable health education. When you pair iFit with your NordicTrack home gym equipment, you have everything you need to meet any fitness goal.

Working Out With World-Class Personal Trainers 

iFit personal trainers are some of the best in the fitness industry. With years of success under their belts, they come to you through iFit to offer up their unique training techniques and inspiring words of wisdom. iFit brings an entire cast of personal trainers to choose from so you’re sure to find a few trainers that speak to you individually. 

Explore Workouts Tailored To You And Your Goals

NordicTrack equipment has ditched outdated LCD screens and vague onboard workout programs. iFit provides a library of workout videos so vast, you’ll never have to repeat the same workout twice (unless you want to). Find routines that meet your specific goals, whether you’re trying to lose weight, shape your rear, or strengthen your core – iFit has it all.

Professional Guidance On Nutritional Tracking And Recipe Ideas

Your iFit subscription gives you access to our ever-evolving library of fitness and health education. Stay up-to-date on fitness trends and choose from our collection of recipes for meeting your daily nutrition goals. With access to education, you can arm yourself with the knowledge you need to make informed and intentional choices.

Travel The World 
Travel with iFit – NordicTrack

Running the same route through your neighborhood can not only get boring, but it can also become downright miserable. With iFit, you can do so much more without the hassle of travel time, babysitters, or whatever is stopping you from escaping your city’s limits. iFit personal trainers are leading workouts all over the world, exploring some of the most captivating environments imaginable, all so you can tag along too – from home. 

View breathtaking scenery on your morning run, row through the canals of Venice, or climb your way through the mountains in Tibet on your home NordicTrack equipment. Every morning, you can escape your local surroundings to experience a new, engaging, and inspiring location with your iFit trainer.

Find Motivation And Support From The iFit Community

Managing the ebbs and flows of motivation can be tricky at times, especially when we’re left to our own devices. iFit is a priceless tool that keeps the motivation flowing. With new content created regularly and a community of like-minded users, exercising is no longer a chore. 

Motivation and engagement are key to meeting our goals and iFit gives that to NordicTrack users through the community we have built. 

Pair Your NordicTrack With iFit

NordicTrack has made it easier than ever to access iFit. Most NordicTrack equipment comes with a touchscreen that allows you to have quick access to your iFit program. Also, all NordicTrack purchases currently include a one-year membership to iFit when you buy your equipment through NordicTrack directly.

Whether you prefer to challenge yourself with a studio cycling session or a heart-pounding HIIT workout on your treadmill, bike, or elliptical, you have those options open to you, thanks to the combined power of NordicTrack and iFit. 

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