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Using A Treadmill On Stormy Days That Mimics Your Outdoor Route

Treadmills are your perfect friend on a stormy day. But sometimes they just don’t offer the same excitement as the great outdoors – well, now they do!
With iFit® integration, you can run anywhere on earth.

Harness The Power Of iFit

iFit® is an all-in-one fitness app. It links with Google Maps to provide the Google Street View. That means the wanderlust jogger can carve out a trail anywhere in the world using iFit®. Gone are the days when the treadmill was confined to the four corners of the home or gym.
With Google Maps workouts, you can dart through the streets of Madrid, run the route of the Boston Marathon or walk along the boardwalks of the Pacific Coast. iFit® treadmills display the route on an interactive screen and the runner moves along it in real time. But it doesn’t stop there. iFit® treadmills also adjust incline to mimic topography; treadmills can range from -6 percent to 40 percent incline.
To run the route you’ve been dying to run your whole life, you just need to select a route that was preloaded to your machine or download a route online. You can even draw your own custom route. iFit® automatically displays the total distance, elevation changes, and an estimate of the calories burned.

iFit Provides More Than Just The Outdoors

The greatness doesn’t stop there. iFit® can be used to track fitness activity that takes place anywhere, and it can be accessed everywhere.
iFit® does an excellent job at tracking fitness stats. It automatically tracks and logs workouts done on the machine. The savvy runner can also use it to track diet, exercise, weight, and even sleep. Log nutrition into iFit® by choosing from thousands of foods in its database. Log weight and sleep by just punching it in. Most runners already know tracking fitness can lead to better health decisions.
Not all workouts are done on the treadmill, but you can even easily log off treadmill workout data too. After you fill in some of the blanks, iFit® calculates your calorie burn, distance, and elevation for your outdoor routes.

Take It To The Max!

iFit® syncs with numerous treadmills including premium machines like the NordicTrack FreeStride Trainer. The NordicTrack FreeStride Trainer is a stepper, elliptical, and a treadmill all in one. The versatility of the machine combined with the power of the iFit® makes for the best indoor experience possible. The FreeStride utilizes a floating suspension with cushioned pedals on belts that make it feel like you are floating through your workout, and allows the runner to change between walking flat to incline instantly.
Give iFit® a try and never miss a great workout due to bad weather again.