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Implementing a Treadmill for Home Rehabilitation

Posted on 2017-01-30

You’ve suffered a setback of some kind. It could be physical injury, or perhaps it’s sickness-related. No matter what the ailment, rehabilitation is tough. There’s a lot of work to do, and often times you have to visit a specialist to do it. That’s exactly why you might want to consider getting a treadmill for home rehabilitation. Fact is that if you have a piece of exercise equipment in your home, you’re 73 percent more likely to exercise, and a treadmill has versatility that can help you build cardiovascular health at a variety of intensities. (read more)

The Psychology of Motivation

Posted on 2017-01-27

Sustaining the motivation to work out more consistently and become more fit takes time. In one study, individuals who were trying to make positive life changes averaged 66 days of purposeful repetition before the habit became automatic. While this can be intimidating, science also says that developing certain “keystone” habits make others fall into place. In The Power of Habit, the author observes that people who improve their workout consistency also automatically made other positive life changes, including eating better and becoming more productive at work. (read more)

What Features Make The Best Treadmill For Walking

Posted on 2016-11-28

It’s easy to think of a treadmill as something just for jogging and running, but make sure that you don’t overlook walking as a valuable form of exercise. As California State University discovered in a 2012 study, running a mile only burns 26% more calories than walking a mile. While running does burn more calories in a shorter span of time, walking long distances is still incredible exercise. So, if you’re comparing treadmills to figure out which one will be best for your walking regimen, here are a few things to consider: (read more)

5 Reasons To Bring a Partner on Cardio Day

Posted on 2016-11-21

Cardio day. You don’t want to go, and after a few miles, you really want to stop. And yet, there are so many benefits to a strong cardio program. So, how do you make sure that you end up going day in and day out and put one foot in front of the other on your path to glory? Get yourself a workout partner. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should: (read more)

Equipment You Can Combine With Your Treadmill For A Better Work Out

Posted on 2016-11-17

Here are five tools that will make your treadmill experience even better: Weighted Vest A weighted vest is a crucial part of treadmill equipment and is a great tool for increasing the quality of exercise. A weighted vest is simply a vest with pockets that can be filled with heavy items such as metal bars or sand bags. The weight can be adjusted for your individual goal and vests are great to use as a supplement to your treadmill workout. (read more)

The Most Aggressive Winter Fitness Routine You've Never Tried

Posted on 2016-11-14

Winter is coming. And with it comes the choice to hibernate inside with the TV and blankets or to get outside and experience the joys of your winter wonderland. The latter comes with lots of calorie burning and unique fitness opportunities that make the choice a little easier. Here are 7 winter sports that will get you going and keep your body healthy during those short winter days and long winter nights. (read more)