iFit Trainer Michael Vazquez: What Inspires You

iFit Trainer Michael Vazquez: What Inspires You | NordicTrack Blog

“What inspires you?” The question that is so simple, yet so difficult for some to answer. And it can be so obvious or come easily to determine. It may be a person or the desired end result of something that is your inspiration. Whatever that may be, it keeps you motivated to keep going each day. 

For Michael Vazquez, it wasn’t until he had his son that he felt such inspiration to do more in life. Times of feeling so out of control and fear lead Michael to growth and success––turning his inspiration into becoming an inspiration himself. 

He shares his story with us:

“So, my son, my son, love of my life. He doesn’t even know that he’s my hero. Like, he was what inspired me to be who I am now. I had no idea how to be a father. It was just kind of just, like, thrown at me, you know. Anything involved my son was just not normal right from the get-go, you know. So, I had to adjust and I had to adjust quickly. The cool thing about being a father is my son does everything that I do. So, he imitates everything. So, I really think that, you know, being a father or parent, in general, your kids are watching every single movement that you make, so it’s very important that you make them positive.

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I slipped pretty far in my life, you know, I was partying three, four times a week. I was drinking way too much, driving, and not remembering how I got home, like, it was just a mess. It was dark days in my life, and that’s because I just stopped moving, you know, I stopped exercise. Stopped eating right. I had no direction. I had no purpose. When my son was born, it was really the wake-up call that I needed. I remember watching him, and they had him in this glass case, an incubator. He couldn’t even breathe on his own,his lungs weren’t fully developed, and it was like this helpless feeling. 

It wasn’t until I got involved with my son, so I started actually physically and mentally moving. I found God, I started going to church. That’s when I found true happiness, is when I actually got up and started doing something about my life. You know, it’s not about just me anymore. You know, it’s about my son. I didn’t like who I was. Guys just was not happy with myself. I didn’t know if I should start breakdancing again. I didn’t know what to do with fitness. I had no idea about exercising and any of that stuff. So, I saw at that time that I need to change, like right now. I need to get out and you start moving again.

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if you want to start getting involved with changing your lifestyle for the better, you got to wake up tomorrow and you got to start moving. You’ve got to start making positive changes in your life. You don’t have to be the best at it as long as you’re moving, you will progressively get better. I had no intention to make a career out of it or to be where I’m at with it. I just wanted to work out, you know. I just, I just needed to fix my life, and fix it fast, but the fact that I get to inspire thousands of people, it’s just, it’s incredible, you know. Like, this is just the beginning, and I really feel that, like, if it’s my story or just my life experiences, if I can connect and relate to other people that are kind of going through similar situations, and if we work together, we’re going to be stronger.”

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