Cardio Meets
This revolutionary home fitness equipment combines strength and cardio for the ultimate time-saving workout — all led by the world's premier personal trainers.

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Strength & Cardio Combined
Your Ideal Workout

A personal trainer coaches you through fast, high-powered cardio workouts with iFit Coach Plus, making the Fusion CST one of the world's best Smart fitness machines. Adding varying degrees of fluid resistance, you build strength without slowing down, creating the ultimate time-saving workout.

reduced vibration
2x the workout
Cardio Strength Training

More About Strength & Cardio

The Champion of Cardio and Strength

Reach the pinnacle of performance, bringing your personal trainer and group exercise classes right into your home with iFit Coach Plus. Experience custom exercise plans as you are led through each high-intensity cardio and strength workout by the world's top-ranked trainers. By creating a fusion of cardio and strength, you work out effectively, save time, and build long, lean muscles.

Fitness Reimagined
A Trainer with You 
in Every Workout

Elite personal trainers will show you all-new workout possibilities through high-energy LiveCast™ classes while automatically adjusting the resistance of your workout for you.

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Daily Livecast™ Classes
Automatic Adjusting

More About Classes

Follow the Movement

Step up to the Fusion CST and complete your custom workout of the day with your personal trainer. Guiding you through a LiveCast™ workout, the professional trainers demonstrate proper form and lead speed of movement. Set a difficulty level and the resistance will automatically adjust depending on the exercise being performed, whether that be bicep curls, lunges, or anything in between.

iFit Coach Plus Experience
Smart Fitness
Starts Here
Simplify healthy living with the iFit Coach app, bringing your fitness full-circle as it individually adapts based on your nutrition, sleep, and activity levels.

More About the App

Making Fitness Easier

By automatically tracking your calorie burn, iFit Coach uses Smart technology to customize a meal plan, keeping you on track to reach your goals. It also suggests appropriate activity levels and sleep based on your goals, which are tracked using the included iFit wearable. This machine is sold with a one-year iFit Coach Plus membership of $39.99 per month, billed annually.

Eight Pulley System
Endless Possibilities
Four pairs of pulleys positioned at high, mid, low, and extended levels and 95 inches of independent cable travel create limitless workout options as you strive toward your goals.
High-Powered Workouts with Less Recovery

The Fusion CST was created to help reduce muscle soreness and recovery time* while still building strength.

More About Movement

More Strength, Less Recovery

Recover faster* while building long, lean muscle. The Fusion CST is designed to shorten your recovery time, so you can continue to power through the intense, high-energy workouts day after day.

SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance
Fluid Movement
No need to worry about manually adjusting weights or the clanking noise of traditional weight stacks. SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance technology and the sleek flywheel provide a smooth, quiet workout.
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SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance
Portal 10i™ tablet
Train with

Follow a personal trainer throughout an intense iFit Coach Plus workout on the included NordicTrack Portal 10i™ tablet.

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10" screen
HD Quality

More About Movement

Access a New World of Fitness

Easily mount the Portal 10i™ tablet onto the machine with the adjustable tablet holder and follow your iFit Coach Plus personal trainer through a high-intensity workout. Place it on the independent tablet holder to move it anywhere you want and change the angle for a clear view of your trainer.

Heart Rate
Get Your Heart Pumping

Experience a high-powered cardio workout during your strength training with the Fusion CST. Track your heart rate directly on the display with the included iFit Bluetooth® Smart chest strap.

10 inch screen icon
Chest Strap
Watts Meter
Your Power

See how much power you are producing and how hard you are working with the easy-to-read watts meter. This measurement is based off your workload, so it is not skewed by lack of sleep, nutrition, or body size, like a heart rate can be.

Watts icon
Watts Meter
Simple and Elegant
Featuring a sleek and modern design, the Fusion CST fits right into your home and takes up a space of only 61 inches by 42 inches.
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Performance Specifications


10" NordicTrack® Portal 10i™ Tablet Included

Watts and Heart Rate LED Display

iFIT® Coach™ Plus Ready**

Included iFit® Bluetooth® Chest Strap


Inertia Enhanced Flywheel

SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance

95" Independent Cable Travel

20 Power Settings

8 Fixed Pulley Positions


Six Integrated Ergonomic Removable Handles


Six Precision Cable Ends

Ankle Strap Accessories

Free Standing Base

Two Squat Pulleys Included

Integrated Tablet and Smartphone Holder

Adjustable Independent Tablet and Smartphone Stand

Lifetime Frame Warranty

1-year Parts & Labor Warranty

California Residents

WARNING: This product contains one or more chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

*Newham DJ, McPhail G, Mills KR, Edwards RH. Ultrastructural changes after concentric and eccentric contractions of human muscle. J Neurol Sci. 1983 Sep;61(1):109-22. PubMed PMID: 6631446.

**iFit® wireless technology built in—no module required. Access your iFit® account from your Enabled exercise equipment, computer, tablet, or smartphone. Annual membership fee required, sold separately. Google Maps™ is a trademark of Google, Inc. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

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