Virtual Training Gets Real With iFIT According To Forbes®

Virtual Training Gets Real With iFIT According To Forbes® | NordicTrack Blog

In a time where more and more people make their physical fitness a growing priority, home fitness technology has taken off. Especially when many people found themselves unable to get out to a gym, demand for home gym equipment soared. While virtual training can be offered by many brands, Forbes® has acknowledged how iFIT has taken the virtual workout to the next level by combining both fitness, travel, and in-person events (1).

As Forbes® points out, the “ironic twist” in the demand for working out at home with virtual personal training, iFIT takes people out again, on vacations around the world (1). iFIT’s on-location travel workouts are led by certified professional trainers who guide iFIT members through personalized virtual workouts.

Live Virtual Events On-Location In Beautiful Sites Around The World

iFIT Virtual Training – NordicTrack Blog

As a subscription-based program, iFIT’s virtual personal training programs include biking, running, hiking, rowing, strength training, yoga, and even mental health discussions in iFIT Mind programs. iFIT members can tune in to the live events.

Through ActivePulse, these workouts can also sync with a participant’s heart rate to automatically adjust their treadmill or bike to the optimum rate for their best workout at a personalized level. A user can now forget making adjustments to their machine’s speed, incline, and resistance and focus solely on their workout.

Forbes® continues on with sharing their admiration of iFIT’s ability to give members the opportunity to digitally participate in popular marathons around the world, including Boston, London, Chicago, and New York. All eligible iFIT members, regardless of when they complete the marathons, receive instructions to redeem their marathon rewards within a designated period of time. 

On-Demand Workouts

Virtual Training With iFIT – NordicTrack Blog

Every workout recorded by iFIT is stored in an expansive workout library and can be accessed anytime and anywhere with an iFIT-enabled machine or the iFIT app. Those without an iFIT membership can bypass the login on their machine to access a few pre-programmed workouts for free. With a paid iFIT membership, you have full access to the entire selection of workouts which includes HIIT, cross-training, yoga, and more. Workouts can be searched through and filtered according to difficulty level, trainer, location, and length-of-time in order to find the virtual workout that best fits you and your needs.

Why not try before you buy! Anyone can access a free 30-day trial to iFIT to check out the full iFIT library before purchasing a NordicTrack machine. 

Getting Real With iFIT

iFIT Adventures – NordicTrack Blog

If that wasn’t enough, iFIT has organized iFIT Retreats and iFIT Adventures (5, 6). Forbes® raves about the availability of these in-person events that will be located in popular locations that were featured in iFIT workouts. Now iFIT workout members can have the real life experience of the virtual workouts they’ve loved exploring at home. iFIT Adventures feature different trips in places like Costa Rica, Africa, and the French Alps that have hiking, but some also include yoga, paddleboarding, snorkeling, or cycling. Check out the full schedule at, and take your workouts back outside for an adventure of a lifetime with iFIT. 

A huge thank you goes out to Forbes® for acknowledging the major moves iFIT is making to further enhance a user’s workout experience on and off of our NordicTrack machines. Stay tuned because NordicTrack and iFIT aren’t slowing down any time soon!

iFIT memberships start at $15/mo. + tax, and auto-renew unless canceled in advance. Cancel at any time. Credit Card required for activation. Internet and WiFi required.
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