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Featured iFit Workouts: 4 Halloween Workout Series

Featured iFit Workouts: 4 Halloween Workout Series | NordicTrack Blog

Embrace your spooky side with energy-filled workouts this Halloween! iFit® has created different Halloween-inspired workouts, so you can scare off those unwanted calories that are filling your trick-or-treat bags.

Explore haunted locations in New Orleans, Nevada, Romania, and Utah as you follow your iFit guides through challenging and engaging workouts. Now, let’s take a deeper look into each workout and all the haunted locations you have yet to learn about. 

Haunted Bayou Series, New Orleans

Follow iFit Guide and TLC’s Ghost Brothers star, Dalen Spratt, through six paranormal hot spots in New Orleans, Louisiana in the Haunted Bayou Series. You’ll explore famously haunted locations as you learn all about different equipment and techniques used in paranormal investigations.

Workout 1: Toulouse House, New Orleans

Workout 2: Olivier Hotel, New Orleans

Workout 3: Beauregard Keyes, New Orleans

Workout 4: St. Maurice Church and School, New Orleans

Workout 5: Fort Macomb, New Orleans

Workout 6: Delta Queen, New Orleans

Ghost Town Walking Tour Series, Nevada

iFit Workout - NordicTrack Blog

Your iFit guide, Kyle Horvath, will take you on a tour of iconic ghost towns all across Nevada in the Ghost Town Walking Tour Series. Throughout this walking series, you will learn about the area’s gold mining history and other interesting stories that make up these abandoned towns.

Workout 1: Rhyolite Ghost Town Walk, Rhyolite

Workout 2: Belmont Ghost Town Walk, Nye County

Workout 3: Goldfield Ghost Town Walk, Goldfield

Workout 4: Berlin–Ichthyosaur State Park Walk, Austin

Transylvania History Tour Series, Romania

iFit Halloween Workouts – NordicTrack Blog

Vlad Blaj and Georgiana Anicai will take you on a tour of iconic sites in Central Romania in the Transylvania History Tour Series. Explore the Bran Castle, Poenari Citadel, Rasnov Fortress, and the beautiful city of Sighișoara, all the while learning about the rich and dracula-filled history of this region.

Workout 1: Bran Castle Walk, Bran, Romania

Workout 2: Poenari Citadel Walk, Arefu, Romania

Haunted Half Marathon, Provo, UT – LIVE on October 31st

Halloween Marathon – NordicTrack Blog

Join iFit trainer, Ashley Davis, in real-time during this Day of the Dead half marathon on October 31, 2020. Take in the lively and celebratory energy of the race as they honor both the living and the deceased throughout the marathon.

To join, simply tap the “On Air” icon on the iFit dashboard or access the workout link via the iFit Live Schedule. The race begins on October 31, 2020 at 8:30 a.m. MDT.


Why not change up your Halloween traditions of sugary sweets this year with exploration and discovering the spooky, unknown areas of the world. Simply log into your iFit account on your NordicTrack machine, and start unveiling the eerie history of these locations. 

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