How To Get A Great Workout On Your Elliptical

How To Get A Great Workout On Your Elliptical

Some people may think that an elliptical workout is for recovery days and can’t really be used for a “real” workout. But, along with using a NordicTrack elliptical and iFit®, there are several things you can do to make sure you pack in a great workout on your elliptical

Approach Your Elliptical Workout With A Plan

First of all, if you want to make the most of your elliptical workout, you should always have a workout plan. Without one, it is easy to stick to just one resistance level and just glide along at whatever pace you happen to feel like moving at, which may prevent any kind of progression.

Instead of doing this, think about what you want to target. If it is a recovery day, focus on maintaining 50-60% of your maximum heart rate. Or, if you are looking for a challenge, determine your resistance levels and what pace you are going to maintain to ensure your body enjoys an intense workout.

To make planning easier on yourself, access iFit. Personal trainers will plan your workout for you and guide you along the way, adjusting your incline so you don’t have to second guess yourself.

You can also use the built-in programs which come with all NordicTrack ellipticals, allowing you to choose whether you are going to target your heart rate, calorie burn, or other fitness areas. 

Utilize The Incline For Sculpting Exercises

Another great way to pump up your elliptical exercises is to utilize the incline function. The incline will engage your muscles in different ways and help you engage your core more as you hold yourself steady during your workout. 

Also, almost all NordicTrack ellipticals come with power incline, allowing you to target your glutes as well as providing a challenging workout. 

Focus On Evenly Working Your Upper And Lower Body

Elliptical workout – NordicTrack

It is easy to just let your arms passively hang onto the handlebars and make your lower body do all the work. However, doing this underutilizes the opportunities offered by your elliptical.

During your next elliptical workout, focus on keeping your arms engaged in the workout, actively pulling and pushing along with your legs. Not only will your arms have a better workout session, but also your core muscles will stay more engaged, taking some of the load off your legs for more of an even workout distribution. 

Add HIIT To Your Elliptical Workouts

You don’t have to dedicate hours to your elliptical workouts to reap the benefits. Instead, by choosing to do high-intensity interval training (HIIT), you can spend as little as 15-20 minutes a day and see real benefits.

While you can use an interval program to help you engage in HIIT, you can simply alternate between moderate effort and short bursts of intense effort. If you are new to HIIT, try to spend 2 minutes at your normal speed and 30 seconds pushing yourself at your maximum speed. As you become more comfortable with HIIT, you can include more resistance and incline for an extra challenge. 

If you need a little more motivation to get started with HIIT or simply challenge yourself further, iFit has many HIIT workouts available for all levels on NordicTrack exercise equipment, which comes with a one-year subscription (billing information is required to support future updates after the included one-year subscription expires).

Utilizing any of these tips on your elliptical can give you a great workout, leaving you motivated and wanting more. 

Once you’ve put these into motion, let us know how your workout went in the comment section below. We’d love to hear your feedback!

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