Diversify Your Workout With The FreeStride Trainer

Not only does diversifying your workout keep you interested and motivated, it also has important physical benefits. The body naturally adapts to repetitive movement, so it may seem like your workout is getting easier, when you are actually just adapting.
Your exercise needs diversification so that you don’t end up in the comfort zone. Working out as many muscles as possible provides more holistic results and can help reduce risk of injury and fatigue during other physical activities.
Thankfully, NordicTrack is constantly creating innovative ways to add variety to a workout. One machine in particular provides unprecedented diversity to an aerobic workout: the FreeStride Trainer. Combining the benefits of three different exercise machines, Nordictrack FreeStride Trainer allows you to easily switch up your routine to avoid stagnancy and boredom.

3 Machines In 1

The FreeStride Trainer acts like a stepper, an elliptical, and a treadmill, all combined in one machine. Changing your workout is as easy as changing your stride.


The plyometric motion of a stepper allows you to focus on your lower body, including the stabilizer muscles that might be neglected in a regular run. With the FreeStride Trainer, you can easily adjust to a more vertical stride that will help engage you calves, glutes, and thighs.


Elliptical trainers provide serious aerobic exercise with minimal stress to your joints. The FreeStride Trainer likewise provides a zero-impact experience that feels like running on air. Plus, it also incorporates moving grips that activate your arms, back and chest, just like an elliptical.


The FreeStride Trainer has a more expansive stride capacity, allowing you a more full range of motion, similar to a treadmill. Now you can instantly shift from short walking steps to a wide running gait without turning a knob or even pressing a button.

Floating Suspension

The secret to the FreeStride Trainer’s diversity is its ingenious floating suspension design. This entirely new approach to fitness movement has cushioned pedals ride on belts, rather than the traditional rails attached to a crank, giving the feeling of floating through your workout. The difference is an intuitive stride length that ergonomically conforms to your motion for a smooth, zero-impact rotation.

Power-Adjustable Incline

Increasing your incline helps you shake up your workout by targeting different muscles and adding intensity to your routine. The FreeStride Trainer features a digitally adjustable 10-degree incline range that allows you to target specific muscle groups and burn more calories at the touch of a button.
With iFit® workouts technology, you can access Google Maps™ training routes anywhere in the world, and the FreeStride Trainer will automatically adjust incline to simulate the natural terrain. iFit also provides virtually limitless training options for workout diversity every day.