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Combining HIIT And Incline Training With An iFit Workout

Combining HIIT And Incline Training With An iFit Workout | NordicTrack Blog

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) surely is a way to take your treadmill to the next level. Incorporating incline variations to your HIIT routine is another way to bump up the intensity and calorie burn. 

There are a variety of HIIT workouts and incline training on iFit® that’ll keep you from suffering with common exercise boredom and challenge you to improve with each workout.

Benefits Of Combining HIIT And Incline Training

On their own, HIIT workouts and incline training are effective for those looking to build their strength and stamina. With iFit, workouts led by hand-selected professional trainers take these exercises to a whole new level that you may not have experienced anywhere else before.

There are several reasons and benefits why you should try combining your HIIT workouts with your incline training with iFit:

Increased Calorie Burn

When walking or running on a higher incline setting on your treadmill, you can increase your calorie burn. A study conducted by the International Journal of Exercise Science showed the outcome of a significant decrease in body weight, fat mass, and visceral fat in men and women.

As HIIT training pushes your body to work hard in short intervals, the heightened effort from HIIT and incline can maximize your calorie burn in a shorter amount of time than a regular workout. With iFit at your fingertips along with your home exercise equipment, you won’t have to go far to start a calorie-burning workout.

Multiple Muscle Engagement

You can target your fast-twitch muscles with HIIT exercises, giving you more explosive power while the incline training focuses on your calves and glute muscles. 

Incline training and HIIT – NordicTrack
Greater Cardiovascular Endurance Development

As HIIT workouts and incline training are more taxing on the cardiovascular system, you can build up greater cardio endurance with this combined exercise than the endurance benefit of long-distance running can provide for you. 

Heightened Focus On Your Workouts

Adding a combined HIIT and incline workout to your workout schedule at least once a week can help shake up your regular workouts – making you stay more focused on your workout by keeping up with the constant changes of speeds and incline levels. 

If the equipment adjustment portion of the workout gets to be too much in the beginning, iFit workouts are designed to be automatically adjusted for you as the iFit trainer takes you through a workout. This way you can focus merely on your workout, and once you feel comfortable, adjust your level to be less intense or more intense. You have the power!

Try This Beginner Incline HIIT Workout With iFit

As with any form of exercise, it is best if you start slow when you combine HIIT and incline exercises, even if you have a decent endurance base. 

To help beginners start, try this 20-minute beginner incline HIIT workout with iFit:


If your treadmill isn’t up to following this workout with the incline range, check out the NordicTrack X22i Incline treadmill, which provides a magnitude of incline levels. Once you give this beginner incline HIIT workout with iFit a try, let us know how you did in the comment section below. We’d love your feedback!

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