Best Home Treadmills For The Whole Family

In many households, family comes first. You may like to dine together, shop together, attend movies together, and even work out together. When entertaining the idea of getting a home treadmill for your whole family, NordicTrack has your back, and legs, to make this a worthwhile experience. Before you move forward, take a look at these important things to consider before making your selection:

Weight Range

Treadmills come with a weight capacity. If you are over this recommended weight, it can cause excess strain on the motor, and you run the risk of having it burn out. That’s why it’s best to weigh in on the situation, literally.
If you have anyone in your family who is on the larger side, you are better served going with a Commercial or Elite model. The Commercial varieties go up to 300 lbs, and the Elite go all the way up to 400 lbs.
These higher grade models also have features like iFit capability, incline and decline adjustments, HDTV screens, and heart rate monitors. If your family likes to use technology, the NordicTrack 1750 Model also comes with a convenient bracket to secure your tablet. This gives you all the ability to check the scores of your favorite sports teams, or scroll through Pinterest while you burn calories.


Chances are good that everyone in your family has a different motive to exercise. Perhaps your daughter does cross country, and she wants to get extra training in when the weather is bad. Or maybe you are just looking for additional light exercise to shed some unwanted weight that slowly appeared in your midsection after a long break from exercise.
Either way, you will want to get a treadmill that can withstand regular intense bouts of work. An NordicTrack Incline Trainer would fit the bill perfectly in this case. These machines go all the way up to 40% incline, and they still have such bells and whistles as iFit capability, workout tracking, and heart rate monitors. With an adjustable deck and speed range of 0 to 12 mph, you can still do your light workouts, too.


Where do you plan on placing your treadmill? Will it be in your basement, in your child’s room, in your room, or in a specific workout area? If space is not an issue then any of the stationary models will suffice. However, if you have limited room, a folding treadmill would be the best way to go.
These can easily be slid under a bed or parked in a closet when you or a family member is done training. The added convenience here is you can move a folding treadmill around to different locations, so the entire family can do their thing when they want, and without having to disrupt anyone else in the household.


With the convenience of technology, working from home has become very popular over the past several years. All it really takes is a quality laptop and high-speed internet connection. If you are one of the many who fall into this category, you would benefit greatly from a NordicTrack Treadmill Desk.
To take it one step farther, your kids can benefit as well. During the evenings, they can hop on the treadmill and do their homework instead of being slumped over sideways in a chair where they can develop poor posture.
The Treadmill Desk comes with a flat table to place your laptop, and it also adjusts to various heights quickly and seamlessly. You also have the option to change the speed from 0 to 10 mph and the incline from 0 to 10 percent. If you decide to take a rest day, you have the luxury of folding the deck up, sliding in an office chair, and using the table as you would a regular work desk. This also makes a good option if you are looking to save space in your home.
As you can see, you have a lot of options when it comes to NordicTrack treadmills. Go with the one that’s going to make you and the rest of your family happy.