Weight Loss Success Story: Steven On His X22i Incline Trainer

Perhaps you’ve fallen off track of eating healthy and staying physically active, and you’re not able to do things like you use to –things you love. So, naturally, you get mad at yourself for letting yourself go. Thoughts of disappointment in yourself sets in, maybe even depression. But you don’t have to stay in that feeling! Your healthier self is just around the corner. It’s just going to take work to get back there.

This same situation happened to Steven. He went from being regularly active to questioning his capabilities of doing the things he use to. That was the case until he was introduced to the NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer. He watched his world reverse back to his younger years. Steven got his groove back!

“My fitness level was so far gone – I thought I could never dive again. The arm strength, the leg strength. I couldn’t even walk up the ladder. And then the Incline Trainer falls in my lap. There’s some kind of cool shock absorber system that takes a lot of the impact out of your stride.

I lost thirty seven point one pounds! And then it gave me the confidence to be like I believe I’m gonna get back on the boards again. So, I decided to take a chance and go out and see if I had a little something.

When you think you’ve lost something that you loved and now you’re able to do it, it sheds a whole new light on your life.”

Steven wasn’t the only one with weight loss success with the X22i Incline Trainer. Meet Nnenna. Running around with her kids isn’t hard for her like it once was, and having her own iFit® personal trainer has made her see improvements that she didn’t think was possible. Watch her story here!