Weight Loss Success Story: Jodi On Her Fusion CST

Are you someone who is so frustrated with yourself about not being as fit as you want to be? Just know that you’re not alone! Everyone wants more whether it is to be more lean, more muscular, more strong, etc. But the real question is, “How bad do you want it?”

It’s time to take your body into your own hands and make a change like Jodi. She’s also someone who got caught up in that state of wondering why she wasn’t where she wanted to be physically, and comparing herself to others. But she took her power back and made a change with her Fusion CST.

“When I saw somebody in a healthy lifestyle, you know, having a healthy body, I was a person who would tell myself I was enough, but I didn’t believe it. I would beat myself up because I would just think, ‘Oh, you’re not there. Why aren’t you there?’ I was thinking of all the why nots. I was so unhappy because my body wasn’t where I wanted it to be. I put in the time and the effort to show myself, you know, that I am enough, and the Fusion was the tool to to get me there.

I’ve done workouts before where I’ve pushed myself so hard that my muscles are just so sore, but, with this, the way it gradually, the way I gradually got stronger, the Fusion makes me love the process. There’s endless opportunities like look looking at it, I wouldn’t have thought I could do abs, but there are so many ab workouts you can do on this machine. There’s really nothing you can’t do on this machine.

I lost 15 pounds, which is awesome that I gained 5 pounds of muscle. I’m able to feel feminine with a more muscular body. I’m so happy with my body is, and I’m so motivated to take it to that next level that I wouldn’t care if somebody was completely shredded or if they had the exact body that I wanted. To me now, it’ll be like yeah I can get that, you know. It’s motivating to me, it’s not defeating me anymore. It’s motivating me because I feel good, I feel confident, and, yeah, I feel like a woman. I have like a shape.”