Experience Online Personal Training With iFit On The S22i Studio Cycle

What is stopping you from hiring a personal trainer and getting serious about getting in shape? If you are like most people, you see a lot of obstacles between you and the training that you want to get the most out of your workouts. While in-person training comes with obstacles that range from scheduling to price, there is another option that could work better to suit your needs: online personal training with iFit®. This form of personal training has a wealth of benefits that make it a more attractive option than dragging yourself to the gym. And with iFit® on your S22i Studio Cycle, all of your fitness needs are met. Training, activity tracking, nutrition, and sleep are all available in this one program.

Some of the top benefits of online personal training with iFit® on the S22i instead of training in person at the gym are the following:

Pay Less Than You Will For A Personal Trainer At The Gym

Online personal training – NordicTrack

Online personal training – NordicTrack

According to national referral service, Angie’s List, the average cost of personal training in a gym is $80 to $125 per hour. High end gyms or those in more expensive parts of the country may cost even more.

With online personal training, you are able to get a far more affordable experience. iFit® offers training for one low monthly fee and no additional fees per session.

Set Your Own Workout Schedule

When you are working with a personal trainer, you are limited to the time slots they have available. With online personal training with iFit®, your trainer is there and waiting for you on your schedule instead.

This flexibility means that you can always fit in a good workout, no matter what time of day or days of the week you have available to you. No more falling away from your routine because other things get in the way.

Enjoy Better Communication

If you are working with a trainer in-person, chances are good that you’ll only have access to fitness advice during that hour you are in front of your trainer each week. With an online personal training with iFit®, on the other hand, you have access to an entire community of people who are on the same fitness journey as you. Communicate with like-minded people who are exploring the same workouts and share advice. Perhaps there’s a great workout on the S22i that you haven’t explored yet until someone in the iFit® community raved about and suggested you try. 

The result is that you will be better informed about getting healthier and better armed to get the most out of every workout.

Save Transportation Costs And Time

When you are working out with a trainer at the gym, you aren’t just investing the time and money spent on your workout. You are also using gas and putting wear and tear on your car. And that doesn’t even take into account your travel time.

A recent study revealed that travel time to the gym was one of the top factors that determined whether someone would stick with their fitness routine or not. Online personal training with iFit® at home removes the distance factor, as well as the expense of traveling to the gym.

Save Childcare Costs

While some gyms offer free childcare, others either do not have it available or only offer it as an add-on service. So, when you try to go work out at the gym with your trainer, you wind up paying for a babysitter’s time too.

Online personal training with iFit® means that you are able to schedule your training time for the times you don’t need additional childcare. You can work out while the kids entertain themselves in the other room or train while they are at school or after they’ve gone to bed.

Work Out In Privacy

Working out face to face with a trainer in a gym can be intimidating. What if you aren’t in good enough shape? What if everyone else in the gym is better at it than you? Worry about not being fit or active enough can, paradoxically, keep you from getting started on your path to better fitness.

With iFit® online personal training, you can avoid all of that worry. It’s just you, your online training program, and your equipment, all in the privacy of your own home. This allows you to get past any self-consciousness and start getting the benefits of regular, directed exercise.

Work At Your Pace

When working with an in-person trainer, there is a risk of being pushed harder than you can safely go, which can result in injuries. Only you truly know what you’re feeling – knowing how far to take it before you reach your breaking point.

Yoga with iFit – NordicTrack

Yoga with iFit® – NordicTrack

When you choose online personal training instead, you are able to choose the intensity of your workout according to your specific abilities. You cut your risk of injury and build strength and endurance naturally and gradually.

A benefit of the S22i Studio Cycle is that it’s low-impact, so you’re able to increase or decrease the intensity of your workout with the incline feature and still get an intense workout.

And with iFit®, trainers are categorized with certain specialities such as HIIT, endurance, yoga, etc. So, you can gauge what type of workout you’re feeling up for each day.

Get Comprehensive Advice

When you use the iFit® on the S22i Studio Cycle, you don’t just get advice on your workout. You get detailed and customized nutrition advice to help improve your health overall. You also get a sleep coach included. Inadequate sleep has been linked to health issues that range from excess stress to difficulty losing weight. By getting sleep and nutrition counseling all in one place, you can utilize this trainer to handle a range of important aspects of your health.

The Whole Fitness Package

With iFit® and the S22i Studio Cycle, better health, higher energy levels, and a higher level of fitness is accessible to all. No more worrying about scheduling a workout. No more getting locked out by concerns about time constraints or price. This system empowers you to take control of your health and fitness and achieve the goals that you have set for yourself.