CEO Of Fit Bottomed World Shares Goal Setting Wisdom

CEO Of Fit Bottomed World Shares Goal Setting Wisdom | NordicTrack Blog

With all the information available on blogs such as our own, we have access to a wealth of health and fitness information. But even with all of the tools available, our New Year’s Resolutions fall flat more often than not. So, what do fitness industry experts like Jennipher Walters of Fit Bottomed World do when they set out to accomplish new goals? They set their sites just above the horizon and work until it’s done. Check out the interview we had with Jennipher about what she thinks it takes to stick with a new fitness goal.

Question: Please share a goal/New Year’s Resolution that you had set for yourself and actually stuck with. Why were you successful in maintaining this goal?

Jennipher: “A few years ago, I set a goal to complete one unassisted pull-up. It was a concrete goal and one that I had a plan to reach—by working on overall upper-body strength and progressing through various resistance bands as I got stronger. It took months, but I got there! I was successful because the goal was realistic, I was patient, had a plan to do it, and was consistent in working towards it.”

Question: In your opinion, what factor(s) determines a realistic and worthwhile fitness goal to set at the start of a new year?

Jennipher: “In my opinion, it has to either be something small that you can make into a habit (after doing it regularly for 21+ days) or it has to be a longer-term goal that is broken down into smaller, achievable goals. I also think it has to be done with a lot of self-love and thought to what happens when you fall off track. Because no one is perfect, and you can learn so much from your “mistakes.” What will be your plan to get back on track?”

Question: What advice do you have for others as they are creating health/fitness goals and New Year’s Resolutions? What do you suggest for helping them stick to and succeed in their new goal?

Jennipher: “Think about your why. Why are you setting a goal or why do you want that resolution to come true? Then ask why again—why do you want that? Keep drilling down on your why until you get to that deeper reason (it’s usually much more than what you look like), and then find a way to connect to it everyday.”

If you have a specific goal in mind, evaluate whether it’s too lofty or not. Perhaps you can break it down, so that your focus is on something more obtainable, yet just beyond your reach. Then it’s time to determine which stepping stones you’ll have to reach to achieve your overall fitness goal. Check back regularly here on the NordicTrack Blog for more health and fitness tips and education, and good luck!

Jennipher Walters – NordicTrack

Jennipher Walters: As CEO/co-owner of Fit Bottomed World, co-author of The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet, co-host of the Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast and Editor-in-Chief at Fit Bottomed Girls, Fit Bottomed Mamas and Fit Bottomed Zen, Jenn has several fitness credentials under her belt: She is an ACE-certified personal trainer and health coach, and was named as one of the top 100 influencers in health and fitness by Greatist® in 2016 and 2017. Jenn has a journalism degree from the University of Missouri and an MA in health journalism from the University of Minnesota. She has also written for numerous online publications including Shape® magazineThe Huffington Post®, and SparkPeople®.

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