Black Friday Shopping For NordicTrack Treadmills

Over the years, the art of Black Friday shopping has been perfected when it comes to smaller retail items. But it may still seem like guess work when it comes to larger purchases, like picking up the perfect home treadmill. So, if you are thinking of investing in your health this upcoming Black Friday, here are some things you should consider:

Consider Your Fitness Needs

NordicTrack Black Friday 2017 Treadmill Sale

NordicTrack Black Friday 2017 Treadmill Sale

Maybe you’ve read some interesting fitness articles lately that have inspired you to work on your personal fitness. While inspiration is a great starting point, you do need to seriously consider your fitness needs. Be sure to ask yourself the following questions:

What are your top 3 reasons for getting fit?
Do you have physical limitations?
What kinds of exercises do you already do?
Where are you the weakest?
What are your fitness strengths?

We recommend you have your doctor perform a physical before you engage in any new exercise regime. It is a great way to receive a baseline for your physical condition, and be sure that there are no health issues that may interfere with your future workouts.

Read Treadmill Reviews

Once you are cleared by your doctor to exercise, you want to be sure you pick the best treadmill this Black Friday. Since you can’t personally test hundreds of treadmills yourself, reading in-depth treadmill reviews is a great way to get a feel for a machine. The best treadmill reviews will cover:

NordicTrack Black Friday 2017 Treadmills deals

NordicTrack Black Friday Treadmills deals

  • Average price point
  • Specifications
    (Motor size, running area, weight capacity, folding capability, space footprint, incline range, speed range, and who the treadmill is best for).
  • Features
    (Display, workout programs, speakers, fans, heart rate monitoring, ports, holders, and cushioning).
  • Built quality
    (Warranty, belt, roller size, customer support, and return policy).

If available, video reviews are also a great resource when it comes to treadmills, as you can see the machine in action.

Treadmills To Consider This Black Friday

While we don’t want to spoil our surprising NordicTrack Black Friday sale deals, there are some machines which you should consider depending on your health goals.

  • Incline trainers for weight loss
    All of our incline trainers can decline to -6% and incline up to a staggering 40%! You can burn calories faster by turning up the incline without adding more speed to your workouts.
  • Treadmills with commercial quality
    If you want an all-around treadmill that will last forever, you should consider our commercial series. Each NordicTrack treadmill can decline to -3% and up to 15%, with a range of programs depending on the machine. They also have touch screens starting at 7 inches. These allow you to utilize iFit and make your treadmill time more interactive.

If you just can’t wait until Black Friday, there are sales running throughout the year on the official NordicTrack website. Visit today and start determining what treadmill is the right one to meet your fitness goals.