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8 At-Home Cardio Fixes Besides a Treadmill

We’ve all had those times where we’re stuck in an exercise rut. We’ve hit the plateau of our cardio workout on the treadmill and need to mix it up a bit.
Try some of these ideas with and without your exercise machine to get you back on track to your fitness goals:

Try A Different Machine


In addition to lowered joint impact, a great benefit to elliptical training is that it helps to change your stride, activating different muscles in your lower body. Try backpedaling on an elliptical for some intense quad burning or try an elliptical with a longer stride to work on your glutes.


Whether you consider yourself fit, coming back from an injury or are just starting on your fitness journey, stationary bikes are an awesome option for your cardio workout. Burn calories and get your blood flowing as you continually pump the large muscles in the lower body.

Incline Trainers

You may think of these as just treadmills, but when you step on an incline trainer you should be thinking less of running and more of hiking. Intense slopes up to 40% help you burn more calories in less time.


Maybe you’ve skipped out on rowing machines in the past because they’re not as simple to figure out as the treadmill. Don’t let learning a bit of technique scare you away from this full-body workout machine. A good rowing session is an effective way to burn calories and improve cardio all the while working out the legs, core, and arms.

Machine-less Cardio Ideas

Ski Jumps

Warm-up with knee lifts, gradually getting faster and more intense before moving into ski jumps. Once you are warm, position feet hip width apart with knees stacked over ankles. Squat low keeping your chest lifted and hips pushed back as you swing arms backward with elbows bent. Press off the ground for a jump to the side, lifting both bent arms above head. Land back in your squat and repeat.


Repeat these five steps: 1- Squat; 2-Plant hands and jump legs back to plank; 3-Pushup; 4-Jump legs back into squat position; 5-jump straight up, hands high in the air. Feel the burn!

Quick Feet

Stand with feet hip distance apart with knees belt slightly. Tuck your arms backwards with your elbows bent. Take tiny steps in place as fast as you can for 15 seconds. Repeat 10 times.


Start with mountain climbers by bringing one knee into your chest at a time while in plank. Move into isolated shoulder taps by keeping one hand planted while the other touches the opposite shoulder. Drop down to elbows for a log roll, rotating hips from side to side.
If you’re bored, your body probably is too. Mix it up! Bring your workouts back to life!