Weight Loss Success Stories: X22i Incline Trainer Group Review

People have fallen head over heels for the NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer. From Adam sharing his weight loss experience and becoming the dad he’s always dreamt of being to Lisette getting her groove back after breaking through her stress of being overweight, the Incline Trainer does more than make you lose weight. It boosts your confidence, energy levels, and even gets people excited to workout each day.

See for yourself:   

“Working out on the Incline Trainer is butter. This machine is awesome – I don’t know how to say it any other way. It’s like you’re actually there. We can be running in China. Red Rock. Through the streets of Paris. You got this big, huge screen. I love it.

The trainer who’s challenged me in a way that I’d never been challenged before. Dead Horse Point. We’re in Hawaii. Santorini, Greece – take it all in. Every day, it’s a new adventure. I have a trainer that’s working out with me in my home. You got Johnny on the spot. Johnny on the spot. Mr. Johnny on the spot. Telling you can do this. Let’s run faster, faster. The trainer will even tell you to get off your treadmill and does cross training with you. I could feel those muscles burning. As you’re going up, the incline is going up.

I lost thirty-seven point one pounds. Thirty-five pounds. Fourteen pounds. Thirty-seven point seven pounds. It’s easier  to put on the jeans. Well, I don’t know. How do I look? I’m 55. I feel fantastic. Fantastic. You want to get from point zero to mach two. Go get it. Life changing.”

People haven’t seen success just with the NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer. The Fusion CST has brought weight loss success to many people as well. Meet Jodi. Jodi was also someone who got caught up in that state of wondering why she wasn’t where she wanted to be physically – constantly comparing herself to others. But she took her power back and made a change with her Fusion CST. Watch her story here!