Using A Variety Of Techniques To Enjoy Your Treadmill Workouts

There is something sad about a treadmill that just sits in a corner and only collects dust, not mileage. NordicTrack has built some of the greatest technology and entertainment-packed treadmills to help you avoid this fate with your own treadmills. But if you need some fresh treadmill workout techniques to help you enjoy time on your treadmill, we have you covered.

NordicTrack partnered with Lauren Abbott from Treadmill Reviews and other treadmill-using bloggers to bring together a variety of effective treadmill workout techniques. This is her full interview with us:  

Question: What do you feel are the key factors in a successful and effective treadmill workout?

Lauren: “I hate to say this, but squashing boredom is a huge step in keeping up a successful treadmill workout. These great machines are so versatile these days and offer so much more than they ever have, but mile after mile staring at the wall in front of you can still be kind of a buzzkill. Here are a few ways I’ve learned to beat the boredom:

  • I don’t particularly enjoy watching a tv or tablet while I run. So, instead of facing the tv or a wall, I face the window. But facing the tv or some kind of screen might be what you need to power through a treadmill run.
  • I use iFit® training programs mixed with my own training plans. It’s incredibly engaging! During a pre-programmed run with sprints, jogs, hill, and more, you get a lot more variation. It’s also very nice to hear what advice the trainers have during different challenges in the workout.
  • I have multiple playlists to shuffle through so I don’t get bored with the same 20 songs.
  • Books on tape are a lifesaver. If you find an engaging book, you won’t think twice about the time that has passed on the treadmill.”

Question: What is a HIIT workout on your treadmill that you have found to be effective? Please give details. Have you found any built-in treadmill programs for effective HIIT workouts?

Lauren: “At the end of every run, I finish with sprints – even when I feel like I can’t go any further. My routine can burn up to 400 extra calories in just a few minutes, depending on your heart rate. This HIIT routine has been a great way to improve my endurance and cardiovascular strength. This is how I do it:

HIIT treadmill workout – NordicTrack

Lauren Abbott – NordicTrackLauren Abbott is a busy wife and mother of two active boys. She writes for Treadmill Reviews where she has to put her treadmill workout advice into practice as she tests and reviews treadmills often. She also writes freelance for various sites as she enjoys sharing and educating others about proper health and fitness.