Home Treadmill Training: 7 Tips To Make Your Treadmill Workout More Fun

Home Treadmill Training: 7 Tips To Make Your Treadmill Workout More Fun

**Never stand on the walking belt when starting the machine, and remember to always use the safety key when using the treadmill. Please remember to follow all safety precautions that are listed in your treadmill Users Manual.**

Many people approach their treadmill workout routine by stepping on their treadmill and running at the same pace and incline level for their whole workout – and every workout. That is a recipe for turning your treadmill into a coat hanger. Having a versatile and engaging NordicTrack treadmill doesn’t make you immune to this trap either. Using the features on your treadmill, including your iFit® subscription, to keep things exciting and ever-changing is key to maintaining a lasting relationship with your treadmill.

Here are 7 tips to make your treadmill workout more fun and customized just for you:

1. Explore iFit

When you use iFit, whether from the touchscreen of a NordicTrack treadmill or a tablet, you can engage in interactive training with an iFit personal trainer as they run along a beach in Thailand or go on a walk tour of London – they’ll automatically control the incline, speed, and resistance of your machine to simulate the terrain, leading the way for you to get results while enjoying the journey.

There are also iFit programs where you can run solo at street view, thanks to the partnership of iFit and Google® Maps. iFit also has studio classes, so you can enjoy on-demand treadmill classes from your home. All NordicTrack treadmills purchases include a one-year subscription to iFit (billing information is required to support future updates after the included one-year subscription expires).

2. Add Intervals To Your Treadmill Workout

Rather than pound away at the same pace on your treadmill, try adding some intervals into the mix. If you are new to interval workouts, you can crank up your speed for 30-second intervals before dropping back to your normal pace for 2 minutes, then repeating the fast, 30-second interval. You can also add some off-treadmill exercises where you hop off your treadmill and do a set of push-ups, crunches, or other exercises before jumping back into your run.

Thanks to iFit, you don’t have recreate a workout yourself. Follow your own interval training session with an iFit personal trainer – have them create, guide, and push you through your entire workout on and off your treadmill without you having to stop and and think about what you have to do next.

Not only will this help you stay engaged in your treadmill workout, but you can enjoy a more well-rounded workout that helps activate more of the muscles in your body.

3. Scheduling Your Favorite Show Or Travel With Your Treadmill Workout

If you have a favorite TV show or series you are really looking forward to watching, dedicate it to your treadmill time. This dedication means that you don’t allow yourself to watch it unless you are exercising on your treadmill, even if that means you are only walking.

Or perhaps you feel like traveling away to check out the sites in another country. iFit allows you to travel and see the world without you ever having to leave your home.

By doing this, you can more easily resist the temptation to just veg out and skip your treadmill workout.

4. Listen To Engaging Podcasts And Audiobooks

Treadmill workout fun – NordicTrack

If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy watching things as you workout on your treadmill, then listening to podcasts and audiobooks may be right up your alley.

There are hundreds of thousands of free podcasts for every interest, and if you have a library card, you can check out plenty of audiobooks. There are even apps like Overdrive, affiliated with many libraries around the country, which allow you to check out and download an audiobook, no library trip required.

5. Cover Up Your Workout Data

Seeing your workout data, particularly the time elapsed, can make a treadmill workout feel impossibly long. Watching the timer can drive you crazy! If you find yourself doing this, use something like a piece of paper or a towel to cover the clock.

You can also put your mind at ease about not capturing your workout data as you’re working out. iFit will retrieve all your data and link it with your iFit app, so you can always stay up-to-date with your progress.

6. Break Up Your Treadmill Sessions

There is nothing that says you have to do your treadmill workout all at once. If you only have the patience to put up with a 15-minute treadmill workout, do one in the morning and schedule another for the afternoon or evening.

This practice can make your treadmill workouts fly by and also help you ramp up your metabolism for faster calorie burn.

7. Push Yourself With More Incline

Plodding along at the same incline level is a pretty quick way to become bored with your treadmill workouts. Instead, access your personalized workout with an iFit personal trainer and have them adjust the incline for you. By changing how your body is engaged and challenging yourself with iFit workouts, your mind can stay more honed into what you are doing.

By trying these different tips out as you work out on your treadmill, you should be able to make your workouts something you look forward to, rather than dreading the next treadmill workout session.

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