The Sisterhood Built By Kenzie Morley’s Yoga Retreat

The Sisterhood Built By Kenzie Morley's Yoga Retreat

Yoga may be seen simply as a physical practice to build strength and flexibility, but it is also an important mental practice. Quieting the mind while incorporating physical yoga poses makes for a well-balanced form of exercise. Ideally, a nice way to completely immerse oneself into a yoga practice is to get away from work, away from responsibilities, and away from all distractions.

Fit Yogi Trainer Women’s Empowerment Retreat

Yoga With Kenzie Morley – NordicTrack

Fortunately, NT influencer, Kenzie Morley, believed this to be true as well and organized the Fit Yogi Trainer Women’s Empowerment Retreat – whisking volunteered participants away to the beautiful country of Costa Rica; a place of beauty, tranquility, and solitude. Within that time, Kenzie focused on guiding attendees on their physical and mental health with yoga and meditation each day all together, with help from Dave Acosta. Dave specializes in women’s empowerment.  His program consisted of mental coaching and self-defense workouts. He also related his teachings to each day’s theme and mantra by coaching the women to change their mentality about life and work and turning their fears into strength – making for a truly healing and emotional experience.

Yoga With SpeedWeights – NordicTrack

Each morning started with a 20-minute HIIT workout, followed by an hour and a half of vinyasa flow. NordicTrack SpeedWeights were incorporated into their workouts, allowing the women to strengthen and intensify their experience.  (Thanks to NordicTrack for donating equipment!)

Personal journaling was suggested one of the days. During their vinyasa, the women were instructed to use their written thoughts as tools to guide their flows and release any negative energies that were not serving them in their lives – a powerful, emotional release.

A Sisterhood Created By Yoga And Mediation

Along the way, incredible friendships blossomed through an emotional downpour of vulnerability, healing, and gratitude. A total of 14 women from all over the world including Germany, London, and Hawaii bonded into a sisterhood over yoga, surfing, and explorations. While the days flew by with laughter, tears, sweat, and all-around personal growth, it wasn’t long before they all felt the genuine connection with the entire group. One attendee was NordicTrack team member Marissa, who described her experience as “inspiring and empowering”.

Yoga Sisterhood – NordicTrack

Once the retreat came to an end, the women separated from their newly-found sisters and returned home. Work continued, responsibilities resurfaced, yet the sisterhood continued to flourish. To this day, the women who attended Fit Yogi Trainer Women’s Empowerment Retreat continue to keep in touch – traveling around the world to see each other for special occasions. Women from California and Germany even signed up together to do their first yoga teacher training in Bali. Their constant communication continues to help each woman feel encouraged, supported, and guided on life and on love.

What a beautiful opportunity that Kenzie Morley provided to each woman who attended her yoga retreat, not knowing the extent of the impact it would have on each person. This can be a great example of what was viewed as a fun opportunity that turned into a powerful life-altering and bonding experience that can only be truly understood by experiencing it firsthand.

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