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3 Surprising Benefits To Triathlon Training On The S22i Studio Cycle

3 Surprising Benefits To Triathlon Training On The S22i Studio Cycle | NordicTrack Blog

If you’re training for a triathlon, we salute you! This grueling process is not for the faint of heart. To help you with your training and avoid the unfavorable weather conditions outside, take a look at the Commercial S22i Studio Cycle for indoor triathlon training.  

Training is crucial for a triathlon race because it is important to become comfortable with changing tempo, maneuvering on the bike, working on endurance, and practicing proper form, and this type of preparation can be done safely indoors.

In fact, many professional triathletes are finding that there are added benefits to training indoors versus outdoors that may surprise you.

1. The S22i Eliminates Coasting

S22i Triathlon Training – NordicTrack Blog

Outdoor training has a flaw or two when it comes to race prep. A major one that comes to mind is the occasional opportunity to coast through your ride. Downgrades are inevitable and while they sure are fun, they’re doing nothing for your training.

Indoor training takes coasting out of the equation. Your ride requires consistent effort to get from point A to point B. So, all integral parts of the body are actively engaged throughout the entire workout, resulting in more consistent strengthening and conditioning.

2. Indoor Training Produces Accurate Time Trials

Outdoor rides are subject to weather and road conditions. Even a subtle breeze can affect timed trials. Riding indoors removes unavoidable distractions that come with outdoor training like traffic, other riders, stop lights, and more. Instead of watching the road ahead of you, indoor training allows you to put your head down and crank. That way you can truly track your progress and prepare for your next triathlon.

3. Ride More Often With An S22i At Home

The time commitment needed to train for a triathlon is large. Saddling up and hitting the streets eats up significantly more time than hopping on your stationary bike in your home gym. Outdoor riding often takes more route planning, preparation, and requires you to haul and care for more gear. Between setting up for the ride, completing the ride, and post-ride maintenance, your bike training is one lengthy process.

On the S22i, you can choose your route using Google Maps™ with iFit®. The bike will automatically adjust to meet the natural incline/decline conditions of your route so you get all that precious hill climbing in. You don’t have to pack for and attend to flat tires, busted chains, post-ride crank tuning, etc. Indoor training is as simple as “start” and “stop” in much less time. With a simpler process, you can train more often without missing out on other aspects of home, work, and family life.

The NordicTrack S22i offers an assortment of other features that make it the best option for home cyclists in the pursuit of triathlon gold. Be sure to check out our S22i frequently asked questions, and see if the S22i is right for you!

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