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Run the Boston Marathon® from Home with NordicTrack

The 127th Boston Marathon® is quickly approaching in April, and you can get in on the race day hype without leaving home! Whether you’ve participated in this legendary race in the past or have dreams of stepping foot on the starting line in the future, iFIT brings the Boston Marathon® to you from three different years. 

Try one or all of these Boston Marathon® experiences from the past few years with some of iFIT’s most popular trainers. You can join these series on your NordicTrack treadmill or on the iFIT app. You’ll see all the incredible sights that the race has to offer, like Framingham Station, Wellesley College, Heartbreak Hill, and the iconic Boylston Street finish line! 

iFIT Boston Marathon® Treadmill Workouts

2022 Boston Marathon® Experience

  • iFIT Trainer: Tommy Rivs Puzey
  • Workouts: 7
  • Intensity level: 3

2021 Boston Marathon®

  • iFIT Trainer: Heather Jenson
  • Workouts: 8
  • Intensity level: 6

Boston Marathon® Series

  • iFIT Trainer: Ashley Paulson
  • Workouts: 5
  • Intensity level: 7

Take on the big event at a slower pace with Tommy Rivs, or kick your pace up a few notches with Heather Jenson. You can also run alongside pro triathlete Ashley Paulson, who just recently became the top American woman (4th overall) at the LA Marathon. These treadmill workouts are designed to be taken at your own pace, so complete the Boston Marathon® however you’d like!

Run the Boston Marathon® with NordicTrack Treadmills

Why run one of the world’s biggest marathons on an average treadmill? With NordicTrack treadmills, like the Commercial X32i and Commercial X22i, you get some of the industry’s most cutting-edge tech that will make your at-home Boston experience even more thrilling. These treadmills offer cinematic high-definition touchscreens, cushioned decks, premium sound, and so much more. 

Want home gym equipment that better fits your budget? The Commercial 2450 and Commerical 1250 offer very similar workout experiences to those of the x32i and X22i. All the treadmills mentioned here offer the unique capability to follow the terrain of the Boston Marathon® so that you can feel the route’s inclines and declines from start to finish. Ready to head to Beantown? We’ll see you there!

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