New York Magazine, You Shouldn’t Have!

New York Magazine, You Shouldn’t Have | NordicTrack Blog

We feel honored to have made the list of top home treadmills from New York Magazine online. Their ecommerce product column, The Strategist, recently assembled a list of the best home treadmills recommended by personal trainers, and the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 made the list as “Best Overall At-Home Treadmill”.

New York Magazine Commercial 1750 - NordicTrack Blog

The majority of personal trainers who were interviewed recommended the Commercial 1750!

“My mom has used her NordicTrack for years!”

Amanda Tress, CEO and founder of FASTer Way To Fat Loss 

“It’s a trusted brand that many people know and love.” 

Ava Fagin, personal trainer and functional-strength coach

“When it comes to what’s important for an at-home treadmill, it ticks all the boxes.”

Miriam Fried, NY based personal trainer

Here are the many reasons these personal trainers recommend the Commercial 1750: 

  • Good cushioning
  • Built-in workouts
  • Incline training 
  • Interactive training programs that control your speed and incline
  • Costs less than $2,000 
  • Folds in half, making it easier to store in a smaller space
  • Great speed and incline range

For shoppers with a bigger budget, Fried is a big fan of the Commercial X22i Incline Treadmill because, in her opinion, it has “more spice.” And Tress recommended the Commercial 2950 because it “comes with lots of bells and whistles at a much lower price point than the Peloton.”

Recognizing Commercial 1750 In 2019

More and more product reviews, customers, and publications are adding the Commercial 1750 treadmill and other NordicTrack treadmills to their list of Top Picks. It’s such a well-rounded home treadmill and can provide a challenge to any level of athlete, meeting the needs of the entire household.



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The Commercial 1750 is a workhorse cardio machine that offers more convenience and up-to-date fitness technology for an affordable price than any other home treadmill. With its strong motor and wide incline range, this treadmill has what it takes to challenge the most experienced athletes. And for users looking for guidance in reaching their fitness goals, the integration of iFit® takes all the guesswork out of your daily workout routine. 

For any further questions, check out our customer’s most frequently asked questions for more information about the Commercial 1750 treadmill.

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